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Why hire an Internet-era CTO? What will they actually do?
Everyone in a leadership position needs to have a sense of what should be easy and what should be hard. No-one should automatically switch off when technology becomes part of the conversation. But you also need strong technology leaders who can make sure the whole organisation is good at technology.
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6 days ago by davebriggs
Scaling Engineering Teams via Writing Things Down and Sharing - aka RFCs
```Key Takeaways

1. Have a written document before building something new and create accountability by allowing engineers to discuss, talk and take decisions.
2. Document should include the key shared understanding, architecture and approach to be taken including any thing which might be risky or tricky.
3. Have a written agenda before the meeting, then write up and send out decisions and actions afterwards.
4. "Finally, allowing anyone and everyone to chime in is a key part of keeping a consi...
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7 days ago by acrookston
[Video] Check out the interview with , & President of + , discus…
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The perils of ignoring software development | McKinsey
Software is a key to market differentiation and value creation for an increasing number of products and services.
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14 days ago by lightningdb
"How can I become a blockchain ?"

Hoard co-founder and shares *5 easy tips* to kickstar…
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AITEC – Alternative Investment Technology Executives Club ... Peer to Peer Empowerment in Pursuit of Excellence
AITEC’s mission is to foster a private community of peers who empower one another through secure information exchange in pursuit of professional and personal excellence.

AITEC is a secure, private community of peers sharing knowledge, insights and best practices for the betterment of its members. Our members represent IT, operations, risk and compliance, legal, and finance from leading financial institutions. Our community fosters trust and camaraderie by promoting open and honest sharing of information, following the Chatham House Rule. Our secure platform provides members with access to experts, knowledge, our due diligence questionnaire (DDQ), events, and exclusive vendor discounts.

We host 350 members across more than 275 firms globally. Over 300 of our members work for Buy-Side alternative investment firms with a combined AUM in excess of $4.2 trillion USD. Additionally, AITEC includes members from over 25 premiere, independent sell-side firms servicing clients in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, sales, trading and research, equity capital markets, and private wealth management.

PARTICIPATE IN ONLINE COMMUNITIES – As an AITEC member, you will have access to multiple global forums on a wide range of topics. Listen, participate, and ask experienced CTOs and CIOs for their technical opinions on matters important to your organization. Validate the opinions of vendors vis a vis opinions of AITEC members.

ACCESS SURVEY INFORMATION AITEC conducts a variety of surveys, including annual technology and compensation surveys for members. In addition, members may ask AITEC to conduct a bespoke member survey on a topic important to their organizations. Recent surveys available to AITEC members include: Next Generation Endpoint Security, Managed Cyber Security, Outsourced Development, Remote Access, Build versus Buy, SSL Decryption, DLP, and IAAS (Cloud).

ENJOY MEMBER EVENTS – AITEC routinely organizes member networking and educational events. Events are informal and take place in the evening. Typically, events include interesting content on a relevant topic, dinner, and cocktails. There is usually a nominal fee to attend.

SELL-SIDE CALLS AND EVENTS – Sell-Side CIOs/CTOs participate in monthly conference calls on a wide array of topics including infrastructure, cybersecurity, desktop, mobility, FINRA compliance, IT governance, business continuity, trading applications, market data, research publishing, and much more. In addition, Sell-Side leaders attend semi-annual roundtables in New York City.

USE OUR DUE DILIGENCE QUESTIONNAIRE (DDQ) AND VENDOR DIRECTORY – As an AITEC member, you will have access to the AITEC-AIMA DDQ template widely adopted by AITEC members and global vendors. This detailed questionnaire will allow you to perform vendor due diligence efficiently and methodically using a tool created by experienced technicians at AITEC and AIMA. The DDQ is hosted on various software platforms for automated distribution to your third parties. Members have access to the vendor directory which lists all participating entities that have completed the questionnaire.

ENJOY EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNTS – Industry service providers regularly offer discounts to AITEC members on their products and services.

GET INVOLVED VIA AITEC GIVES BACK FOUNDATION – A core value of AITEC is giving back to the greater community. Accordingly, the AITEC Gives Back Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2013, has raised over $1.6 million in charitable donations from industry sponsors and individual donations to benefit several veteran and youth projects.

Member benefits are constantly expanding and currently include:

Private, secure platform to communicate with industry peers
Access to the AITEC-ALL community, a cross-functional community of senior executives supporting technology and operations
Access to additional communities dependent upon membership type. Examples include Sell-Side CIO (a dedicated forum for Sell-Side questions), Buy-Side CTO (a dedicated forum for Buy-Side questions) and FORC (a forum for CFO, COO, CRO, and CCOs to ask questions to their peers)
Advice from experts across functions
Access to the AITEC-AIMA DDQ and vendor directory
Invitations to networking events (dinners, presentations, educational experiences, etc.)
Invitations and access to community surveys and polling information
Access to vendor information and exclusive AITEC discounts
Invitations to charity events
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