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Reporting on Transformational Activities to the Board
Reporting your transformational activities to the board helps you stay aligned with your goals and promotes better implementation. Follow these tips for better change management reporting.
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5 weeks ago by lightningdb
How to hire an internet-era CTO – Public Digital
"Know what you’re looking for
The exact profile of person you need will depend to an extent on the main challenges you face, but generally you’ll be looking for someone with:

several years’ experience in creating and scaling digital services to very large numbers (that might mean millions of users, or a large and distributed workforce; they shouldn’t be phased by your scale)
demonstrable knowledge of, and experience of working with, a range of internet-era technologies and approaches. That means they’ve run systems using public cloud services (such as AWS, Azure, etc); they know what “continuous delivery” and “devops” mean and the value they provide; and they have experience working with open source tools and communities. Ideally they’ll also have introduced them in places where they were unfamiliar, and know how to sell their benefits.
a proven ability to recruit and lead teams of developers, architects, engineers and agile, multidisciplinary teams
really strong communication skills, both for talking to their technical peers at conferences, but also helping their fellow leaders and colleagues across the organisation understand what’s going on
experience of migrating data and applications from legacy, proprietary technology environments, including the resultant commercial negotiation with large tech vendors
a solid grasp of different ways of managing commercial relationships and the ability to bring the right approach to both buying commodity services and building partnerships
That’s a lot to look for in one person (that’s why the team building part is so important). But you want people who are able to embody all of these things, and who will make smart decisions about assembling a team around them.

Equally importantly, you need to hire for aptitude and attitude. This person needs to not only capture your confidence that they can run your technology, but inspire you and teach. You need someone who can help you achieve more while also bringing people along with them on what could be a long and bumpy journey."
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6 weeks ago by np
Why hire an internet-era CTO? What will they actually do? – Public Digital
"It’s likely that this person will have three big things to do:

1. get everything under control
2. create the environment to demonstrate a new way of delivering
3. continually seek out and bring to the table new ideas and opportunities"
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6 weeks ago by np
Why hire an Internet-era CTO? What will they actually do?
Everyone in a leadership position needs to have a sense of what should be easy and what should be hard. No-one should automatically switch off when technology becomes part of the conversation. But you also need strong technology leaders who can make sure the whole organisation is good at technology.
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8 weeks ago by davebriggs
Scaling Engineering Teams via Writing Things Down and Sharing - aka RFCs
```Key Takeaways

1. Have a written document before building something new and create accountability by allowing engineers to discuss, talk and take decisions.
2. Document should include the key shared understanding, architecture and approach to be taken including any thing which might be risky or tricky.
3. Have a written agenda before the meeting, then write up and send out decisions and actions afterwards.
4. "Finally, allowing anyone and everyone to chime in is a key part of keeping a consi...
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9 weeks ago by acrookston
[Video] Check out the interview with , & President of + , discus…
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9 weeks ago by steinermatt

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