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Pouchography, CT, and MRI Features of Ileal J Pouch-Anal Anastomosis : American Journal of Roentgenology : Vol. 187, No. 6 (AJR)
Small Bowel Obstruction - CT Scan See Figure 5 a and b.
Small-bowel obstruction is the most frequent complication of pouch-anal anastomosis, with the obstruction point classically on the ileostomy closure site and in the small bowel distal to it. Small-bowel obstructions are reported to occur in 33% of patients, with most of these obstructions occurring more than 30 days after ileostomy closure [2]. Most of these obstructions are caused by postoperative adhesions, strictures, and small-bowel volvulus. Surgical intervention is usually necessary, and CT examination can help identify the small-bowel obstruction site (Figs. 5A and 5B)
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Mek & Tosj - Modern Cubism
Apple's famous cube is a piece of extraordinary design. Although very simple in nature, everyone who sees and touches it reacts in the same way, they love it! But its design is not focussed on the outside only, it's as neatly constructed and well-thought
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