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Cloud Database? NoSQL? Nah, just use CSVs and CsvHelper - Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More
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3 days ago by warthurton
framework for building applications for processing XML and non XML data (CSV, EDI, Java etc) using Java.
java  xml  csv  etl 
7 days ago by jwd
glazedlists/glazedlists: Open Source List Transformations for Java
"a library that makes building apps focused on tabular data *very* easy to produce."
java  csv  table  visualization 
7 days ago by jwd
What follows is a list of text-based file formats with command line tools for manipulating each (with a focus on Linux).

What follows is a list of text-based file formats with command line tools for manipulating each (with a focus on Linux).

shell  cli  data  csv  convert  search  database  db  json 
7 days ago by michaelfox
Home - Ron's Editor
Ron's Editor is the ultimate CSV file editor to edit, clean, merge and convert. Opens any format of separated text files (CSV,TSV,PSV etc.).
csv  files  editors 
9 days ago by kger
Health CSV Importer on the App Store
Health CSV Importer is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to import your CSV data into Apple Health. The import logic has been battle-tested with millions of data points and will support almost any CSV you throw at it. Health CSV Importer supports all quantity data types in Apple Health, except Activity Summaries, Stand Hours, Exercise Time, and Nike Fuel.

To see how easy it is, just watch the preview video (no sound). Note: while we use iCloud Drive in the preview video, iCloud Drive does not need to be enabled in order to perform an import. If you would prefer not to use iCloud Drive, just send the CSV to yourself in Mail.app and open it with Health CSV Importer.

Health CSV Importer integrates with the HealthKit framework and Health.app to import your CSV files.

◆ What can I import? ◆

‣ Data files from your doctor
‣ Data from a 3rd-party health device (e.g. blood glucose monitor)
‣ Health data you’re manually tracking in a spreadsheet (e.g. weight)
‣ Google Fit data from an Android phone.
‣ And more!

◆ Features ◆

‣ Fast, quick, efficient, and battle-tested—import your CSV data in just a few seconds.
‣ Supports all Apple Health quantity data types.
‣ Smart assignment of data types based on column headers (i.e., no manual assignment of data types to columns!)
apple  health  ios  iphone  csv  import 
9 days ago by awhite
A Minimalist Guide to SQLite
A useful quick intro to how to get the most out of SQLite.
database  data  sql  sqlite  csv  tutorial 
9 days ago by pythoneer

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