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25 Best CSS Animation Libraries
Save precious time while designing a website and use these CSS animation libraries to add some dynamism and interactivity to your work.
animation  css 
6 hours ago by dtg
Internet Explorer + CSS Grid???? - YouTube
JenSimmons outlines the options for supporting CSS Grid on Internet Explorer. CSS Grid shipped in March 2017 and is supported by the vast majority of web browsers in use. But there is a significant portion of browsers without support for Grid — not just IE, but also UC, Samsung Internet, Opera mini, QQ, and more. How do we support these old browsers and use CSS Grid?
layout  LayoutLand  Jen  JenSimmons  grid  CSS  css3  ie10  IE  compatibility  support 
7 hours ago by searchmeister
Should I try to use the IE implementation of CSS Grid Layout?
Rachel Andrew gives a good round-up of the differences in grid support between IE10 and later implementations. Useful if you want to know whether it's worth investing the extra effort in supporting IE10's native grid support. Personally, in 2018, I'd say no!
RachelAndrew  grid  IE  ie10  compatibility  support  CSS  css3 
7 hours ago by searchmeister
CSS Grid Key:Value Pairs (Responsive / Intrinsic)
I wanted a two-column layout that was a one-column layout when there wasn't enough space. Turns out I was thinking the wrong way around! CSS Grid made this simple in less than 20 lines of code once I grokked the technique.
css  grid  layout  column 
10 hours ago by floehopper

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