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Battling BEM – 5 common problems and how to avoid them
Artículo que explica problemas comunes de metodología BEM y cómo abordarlos
bem  css  sass  article 
5 hours ago by gorilas
Take A New Look At CSS Shapes
Introduction to CSS Shapes by Rachel Andrew.
intros  webdev  tutorials  css  cssshapes 
6 hours ago by angusm
CSS Duotone Generator
playground for css image blend effects. Photoshop-like blending modes. Give duotone-like effects. Generate the html and css
webdesign  web  design  css  blend  duotone  generator  effect  colour  html 
7 hours ago by piperh
CSS Playground - Interactive Playground for CSS
playground for testing the effects of different css values using sliders. Also gives you the values of your adjustments.
webdesign  web  design  css  playground  slider  test  play 
7 hours ago by piperh
CSS Grid
ready-made css 12-column grid layout, using css grid.
webdesign  web  design  grid  12-column  12  column  layout  responsive  css 
7 hours ago by piperh
CSS Scan - Check or copy computed CSS on hover
developer says: Inspect Element on steroids: study how things are made on the web in real-time and copy computed styles with no hassle (neither longhand styles).
You hover over an element and a tooltip shows the computed css. Looks handy
webdesign  web  design  tool  inspect  computed  css  copy  style 
7 hours ago by piperh
Using CSS Clip Path to Create Interactive Effects, Part II | CSS-Tricks
transition effects using svg clip path. Support better than css clip path, says author.
webdesign  web  design  clip-path  clip  path  svg  css  effect  transition  clipping 
7 hours ago by piperh

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