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6 Free Material Design CSS Frameworks for 2017 Compared — SitePoint
Those involved with web development may wish to keep up with the latest design trends and implement Material Design in their work. This article sets out to list Material Design CSS frameworks and their specific features, which will hopefully help you pick the best one suited to your project. Choose your partner in crime wisely – you’re going to need help when creating those outstanding web experiences after all!
It should be noted that some of the following details, such as framework polularity and available features, may slightly differ over time. Should you be interested in any framework, make sure to check the original resources for any last minute update.
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Dashboards by Keen IO
Responsive dashboard templates for Bootstrap

Source Code on Github
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A Unified Styling Language
In the past few years, we’ve witnessed a massive increase in the amount of CSS experimentation, with ideas like CSS Modules and—most controversially—the rise of CSS-in-JS. But does mixing our styles and logic run counter to the original ideas of CSS? Does it break progressive enhancement?

In this talk, we’ll take an empathetic look at these new approaches, how they relate to the history of CSS, and why they might possibly hold the key to the future of CSS—all from the point-of-view of someone who has been writing CSS since 1999.
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