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Here is how to create a custom CSS file - Shopify Community
{{ 'theme-custom.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}
<!-- END NEW CODE -->
shopify  css-tricks  css  developer 
5 days ago by garyleatherman
Useful :nth-child Recipes | CSS-Tricks
I get a little giddy when I come across perfect uses for :nth-child or :nth-of-type (read about the difference). The better you understand them, the more css nerdgasms you get to have!
css  nth-child  css-tricks 
20 days ago by garyleatherman
Adaptive Photo Layout with Flexbox | CSS-Tricks
Let’s take a look at a super lightweight way to create a horizontal masonry effect for a set of arbitrarily-sized photos. Throw any set of photos at it,
photo  flexbox  masonry  gallery  layout  css-tricks 
6 weeks ago by bruno
Using Cypress to Write Tests for a React Application | CSS-Tricks
End-to-end tests are written to assert the flow of an application from start to finish. Instead of handling the tests yourself — you know, manually
testing  react  css-tricks 
june 2019 by jwithy
Dark Mode in CSS | CSS-Tricks
With the introduction of dark mode in macOS, Safari Technology Preview 68 has released a new feature called prefers-color-scheme which lets us detect
dark-mode  css  tutorial  css-tricks 
may 2019 by jwithy
Accessibility Testing Tools | CSS-Tricks
(This jobbie ostensibly looks kinda neat, but it appears to be one of those node-js things rather than a handy bookmarklet.)
“GitHub themselves recently released accessibilityjs, the tool they use themselves for accessibility testing. They use it on the client side, where when it finds an error, it applies a big huge red border and applies a click handler so you can click it to tell you what the problem is.”
node  accessibility  a11y  css-tricks  2019  testing 
april 2019 by handcoding
How to Scale SVG | CSS-Tricks
The following is a guest post by Amelia Bellamy-Royds. Amelia has lots of experience with SVG, as the co-author of SVG Essentials and author of the
css  svg  css-tricks 
april 2019 by jwithy

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