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CSP doesn't want you to use in-line scripts and other resources, but if there are performance or other reasons, then you can include a nonce in the inline script and in the HTTP CSP headers that much match.
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2 days ago by reedhedges
Neatly bypassing CSP – Wallarm
Content Security Policy or CSP is a built-in browser technology which helps protect from attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS). It lists and describes paths and sources, from which the browser…
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6 days ago by xer0x
I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
Describes a speculative attack that CSP should help defend against.

n.b. this article also describes a variation using prefetch that can sneak past CSP.
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6 days ago by wrumsby
Getting Started with the Cloud Solution Provider APIs – Paul Andrew
If you're a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, you have many options for transacting your customers orders with Microsoft. In this post I'll walk through getting started with the CSP Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and point you to some resources for learning more about them.
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29 days ago by andyhuey
RT : While this little spotlight's still warm, I should also credit for teaching that is actually *not* v…
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4 weeks ago by codepo8

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