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Boaz Barak - Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
Work in progress

This is a textbook in preparation for an introductory undergraduate course on theoretical computer science. I am using this text for Harvard CS 121.

You can also download all chapters in a single PDF file (about 500 pages, 10MB).

See this website for (a very much work in progress) implementation of the NAND* programming languages that are used in in these notes.

If you have any comments, suggestions, typo fixes, etc.. I would be very grateful if you post them as an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository boazbk/tcs where I am maintaining the source files for these notes. You can also post comments on each chapter in the links below.
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4 days ago by danimad
Fibonacci Hashing: The Optimization that the World Forgot (or: a Better Alternative to Integer Modulo) | Probably Dance
Turns out I was wrong. This is a big one. And everyone should be using it. Hash tables should not be prime number sized and they should not use an integer modulo to map hashes into slots. Fibonacci hashing is just better. Yet somehow nobody is using it and lots of big hash tables (including all the big implementations of std::unordered_map) are much slower than they should be because they don’t use Fibonacci Hashing. So let’s figure this out.
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4 days ago by euler

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