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'Last year, in the AofA’16 conference Robert Sedgewick proposed a new algorithm for cardinality estimation. Robert Sedgwick is a professor at Princeton with a long track of publications on combinatorial/randomized algorithms. He was a good friend of Philippe Flajolet (creator of Hyperloglog) and HyperBitBit it's based on the same ideas. However, it uses less memory than Hyperloglog and can provide the same results. On practical data, HyperBitBit, for N < 2^64 estimates cardinality within 10% using only 128 + 6 bits.'
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Record Highs vs. Record Lows | Climate Central
This is a very helpful graph. Graphs using other metrics for measuring the trend in extreme temps emphasize temps in the dust-bowl era and give the sense that there is no long-term trend. It's important to note that it has been shown that dust-bowl era heat extremes were in part anthropogenic - due to land use change (plowing the prairies into dust). But that's too much to explain in a graph. the other way to illustrate the long-term trend is to look at overnight minimums, which in a way are just as dangerous - since they eliminate daily respite.
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Nifty Assignments - Programming Assignments and Projects
Programming Assignments and Projects from professors at Stanford, MIT, and Berekely

The Nifty Assignments session at the annual SIGCSE meeting is all about gathering and distributing great assignment ideas and their materials. For each assignment, the web pages linked below describe the assignment and provides materials -- handouts, starter code, and so on.

See the info page for ideas about what makes a nifty assignment and how to apply for the Nifty session. Applications are due a few days before the regular SIGCSE deadline. Please email any suggestions or comments to Nick Parlante @ cs.stanford.edu with "nifty" in the subject. Nick's Home

From Nick Parlente
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