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ietf-jose/cookbook: All of the examples from the cookbook in a machine-readable format
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
jose  cryptography 
2 days ago by arisco97
Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance
You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
privacy  security  tools  vpn  browser  cryptography  tor 
4 days ago by ssorc
Modular online encoding, encryption and conversion tool — Cryptii
Modular online encoding, encryption and conversion tool
Web app that encodes, decodes, encrypts, decrypts, converts, translates, simulates and views content online offering a variety of ciphers, formats, algorithms and methods. Read more
tools  web  cryptography  encryption 
5 days ago by wjy
Introduction to Cryptography / Tutorials / Knowledge Base - GPGTools Support
GPGTools, GPGMail, Support, Customer, Issues, Troubleshooting, Problem, GPGServices, GPG Keychain Access, GKA, MacGPG, MacGPG2, GPGPreferences, MacGPG1, Mobile OpenPGP
security  cryptography  gpg 
6 days ago by mdorn

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