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9 hours ago by DocDre
Another scam ICO? Savedroid founder exits with $50m to chill on a beach • Cryptovest
Hunain Naseer:
<p>In what is either a joke in very bad taste or another ICO exit scam, the founder of Savedroid ICO Tweeted ‘Over and out’, with a picture of himself at the airport and then chilling on a beach.

<img src="" width="100%" />

It is believed that the ICO raised around 40 million Euros, or $50 million USD via the token sale, claiming that they will build a smart, A.I managed application which would automatically invest user funds into profitable ICO portfolios. There were also claims of a cryptocurrency credit card, but it seems all that is gone now, with the official site displaying a Southpark meme.</p>

Even if this isn't a scam - just a joke - why would anyone put any money into these ridiculous things? Why why why.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
The future of depends on the evolution of .

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yesterday by jhill5
Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico
Various shady business bros formed a blockchain thing in Puerto Rico
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yesterday by nelson
Check out this update by on the progress being made here at $FLASH

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yesterday by randyhilarski

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