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It has been a bad week for encrypted messaging and it’s only Wednesday | Ars Technica
Monday brought word of decade-old flaws that might reveal the contents of PGP- and S/MIME-encrypted emails. Some of the worst flaws resided in email clients such as Thunderbird and Apple Mail, and they offer a golden opportunity to attackers who have already intercepted previously sent messages. By embedding the intercepted ciphertext in invisible parts of a new message sent to a sender or receiver of the original email, attackers can force the client to leak the corresponding plaintext. Thunderbird and Mail have yet to be patched, although the Thunderbird flaw has been mitigated by an update published Wednesday in the Enigmail GPG plugin.
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Excited to announce that to include DBET tokens in fund:

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Founder salaries : ethereum
Others in the foundation (ie. the ones who actually decided these salary numbers) offered me $185k at one point; I declined. Are those numbers reasonable? I'll admit I'm not qualified to judge, though I find the arguments that were raised both internally and in comments on this thread that others in similar positions earn as much or more reasonable. No idea about Brian Armstrong, but the only two high-level crypto industry salaries we have that got leaked are Gavin Andresen at $208k and Changpeng Zhao at $240k so we're clearly not too far off (Note that all this may be a tu quoque fallacy, but then the whole concept of "paying X percent below market rates" is tu quoque all the way down in any case).
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Term Sheet -- Friday, May 18 | Fortune
Real estate is one. Another is fine art. We’ve talked to a few high-end art dealers with their own inventory and access to institutional inventory. What if you tokenized the work by Monet? Not many people can stroke a check for $20 million. But if you owned a fraction of a Monet, lots of people would like to stroke a check for $200,000. What if you tokenize a bunch of works by Monet and then you create a fund that owns 10% of each tokenized work? Now, I own a Monet fund or a Monet ETF.

With the tokenization technology, you could create leveraged longs and leveraged shorts. You can go long French impressionists and short modern art. You can do the same with real estate — I tear off a 10% strip of all my Class A in Midtown and create a midtown fund. Class A in Upper East Side, Downtown, Brooklyn, Jersey. I can go long Manhattan, I can go short Brooklyn.

Yes, there will be some gambling going on, but what’s interesting is that if I’m a property developer and I just put a huge amount of capital into Manhattan, I could effectively hedge my position very cheaply and efficiently.
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