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Cryotherapy: norepinephrine, inflammation, and neuron-regeneration - Dr. Rhonda Patrick - YouTube
Not very clear. Look up the studies.


@1:01 hibernating mammals lose 30-40% of their synapses during hibernation but regrow them. Mice exposed to fridge-like temperatures (~40F) for 30 minutes had their core body temp drop to 60F (from 98.6F). If they were exposed twice to this cold shock, the RBM3 expression was increased for 6 weeks. Mice genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer's had delayed onset if they were preventively exposed to cold shocks.

@6:08 Professional athletes overtrain (which causes an inflammatory response), but if they do cryotherapy immediately after exercise, there is less tissue (muscle) damage. Cryotherapy in-between 4-hour kayaking sessions increased performance.

@7:57 But if you just do regular training, cryotherapy doesn't help, because it prevents muscle hypertrophy. It only helps if you train super hard.

@10:34 There are other benefits to cold water immersion (up to your shoulders for 20 seconds) vs. cryotherapy (2 minutes at -166F) - you release norepinephrine 2-3 fold, and the effect is very robust and not attenuated - the same amount is released after 12 weeks of "doing this" (with unspecified frequency). Norepinephrine in the brain is associated with prolonged focus, feeling of energy and positive mood (pharmacological depletion of norepinephrine leads to lethargy and depression). It also decreases inflammation (cytokines "akin to setting off a nuclear bomb to kill a cockroach"). Vasoconstriction and analgesic effects.

@13:35 Anti-inflammatory effect in the body too. Cryptherapy is used to mitigate damage caused by trauma to the head (e.g. in UFC fighters). Hypothermia is used to treat traumatic brain injury in clinical settings, and ischemic stroke.
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The Role of Inducible Hsp70, and Other Heat Shock Proteins, in Adaptive Complex of Cold Tolerance of the Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster)
Burton et al. [46] showed that 70 kDa Hsps were synthesized during recovery from chronic exposure to 0°C in the absence of heat shock and that a mild heat pre-treatment helped to prevent mortality caused by subsequent cold exposure.
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The Icekube - Cold Tub
Chills down tubs of water for cryotherapy.
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Inside the weird world of cryonics -
From the US to Russia, companies are freezing people hoping for a second shot at life.
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