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The Avengers: Morale
Author's Summary: Written for a prompt that goes in part: I want Steve to be horny. After the battle, everyone moved into Stark Tower, started hanging out during group activities to get to know each other, etc etc. Everyone thinks that Steve is a shy virgin, but the truth is very, very far from it. Steve was a good captain during the war for a reason. Not only did he have kickass strategy, but he could increase group morale exponentially. How? Sex. Lots of it. Anywhere they could. (WC: 16,838)
The_Avengers  Everyone/steve  Hulk/steve  PWP  Het  Pegging  Face_Slapping  Gangbang  Double_Penetration  Spanking  Lap_Sex  Deep_Throating  Crying_during_Sex  Fisting  Rough_Sex  Big_Dick  WC:10000-25000  WIP:Abandoned_but_Readable  Ensemble(The_Avengers)  3some(Or_moresome) 
october 2017 by sternfan
The Avengers: Baby Boy
Author's Summary: Phil is well aware that with some kinks, wanting to be on top is way more socially suspect than the opposite. (WC: 20,547)
The_Avengers  Phil/clint  Established_Relationship  Daddy_Kink  Oral_Fixation  Crying_during_Sex  Age_Play  Pacifier  Little_Head_Space  Maria/natasha  Play_Date  Butt_Plug  Injured:Phil_Coulson  WC:10000-25000  Angst:Just_a_Bit  Deep_Throating  Aftercare 
may 2017 by sternfan

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3some(or_moresome)  aftercare  age_play  angst:just_a_bit  big_dick  butt_plug  daddy_kink  deep_throating  double_penetration  ensemble(the_avengers)  established_relationship  everyone/steve  face_slapping  fisting  gangbang  het  hulk/steve  injured:phil_coulson  lap_sex  little_head_space  maria/natasha  oral_fixation  pacifier  pegging  phil/clint  play_date  pwp  rough_sex  spanking  the_avengers  wc:10000-25000  wip:abandoned_but_readable 

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