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Why Ted Cruz was making a Biblical case for gun rights after the Odessa shooting - The Washington Post
This argument seems to assume that guns are the only way or the best way to portent's one's family. I t think that there is data to suggest they are not. People in favor of gun-control are also trying to protect their families and everyone else, and evidence seems to be on their side. And BTW, owning a gun certainly doesn't protect one's family from suicide.
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september 2019 by Peony43
(286) Cambridge Analytica - The Power of Big Data and Psychographics - YouTube
Youtube video of Nix trumpeting use of psychographic profiling to help Cruz in republican primary campaign
cambridge  analytica  alexander  nix  "alexander  nix"  "ted  cruz"  cruz  video  psychographic  profiling 
february 2019 by pciszewski

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