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Bishop’s phone porn didn’t involve minors, but questions remain on move to Vatican
“The pope acted as he should have acted at the time … he saw that there was a man who was not suitable for ministry but who wasn’t a criminal, and took him to Rome,“His removal from the diocese was as it should have been,” a priest from Oran told Crux. “What needs to be investigated is what happened after, when the accusations escalated. Someone began covering up for Zanchetta, and they’re the ones who are deceiving the pope.”A second source agreed, saying that without any actual criminal allegations, the pope couldn’t remove the bishop from the priesthood, but he could “lock him up in the Vatican, where he had no access to seminarians.”
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march 2019 by thomas.kochi
Abuse survivor priest tackles ‘crisis of masculinity’ in the Church
A U.S. parish priest and author, who experienced sexual abuse by clergy, takes on the “crisis of masculinity” in society and the Catholic Church one lecture at a time, by always “keeping it real” and remembering that “even in the midst of all this darkness, there is always hope.”“We need to be called to this new masculinity, which isn’t a power thing, it isn’t about dominating anything,” said Father Larry Richards in a March 14 interview with Crux. “A true masculinity is he who lays down his life in love.”“A true masculinity is Christ on the Cross,”
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march 2019 by thomas.kochi
With new twist on one giallo, Vatican doesn’t need another on McCarrick
For as long as anyone can remember, Italians have loved a good giallo. The word literally means “yellow,” and it refers to the yellow paper upon which cheap popular mystery stories used to be printed in Italy.In Italian argot, a giallo has come to mean an unresolved mystery, something about which people love to speculate and argue. Over the last 40 years, there’s been no more popular giallo in Roman coffee bars, taxi cabs and barber shops than the 1983 disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, at the time a 15-year-old girl and the daughter of an employee of the Prefecture of the Papal Household.No matter which hypothesis a given Italian may uphold, the one point where every conspiracy theory seems to converge is that the Vatican knows more than it’s saying...Probably, however, in the end the Orlandi family will get what it wants, because nobody wants to be accused of refusing to help a grieving family find closure. Equally probably, Emanuela’s remains will not be in the tomb, and the usual cycle of speculation followed by disappointment will continue playing out...If there’s a moral to all this, it could perhaps be expressed as follows: Try to avoid accumulating a new giallo whenever possible, because once it takes hold, it’s almost impossible to get rid of...Still, the Vatican probably would be well-advised to offer as much transparency as possible, and as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it could end up saddled with a giallo of global dimensions, one which could do damage to the Church’s credibility in venues far more consequential than the pages of Italian newspapers.
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march 2019 by thomas.kochi
McCarrick becomes most senior cleric to be defrocked over abuse scandals
Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna, a former Vatican prosecutor for sex abuser crimes, told Crux Feb. 14 it’s possible that there are other McCarricks.“If we haven’t found them yet, it means that we don’t know where they are,” Scicluna said. “I think that cases where, instead of stewardship we bishops offer a poison chalice, should be disclosed and addressed immediately as a matter of urgency.”Scicluna also acknowledged there are persistent questions about who knew what, and when, regarding McCarrick’s behavior.“I would admit that it’s a legitimate question,”“But… Can a person manipulate the system to such a state that he can actually survive a minefield of rumors? This is a fundamental question, which fortunately enough, does not belong to the competence of the CDF,”
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february 2019 by thomas.kochi

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