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How the Feds Failed to Track Thousands of Separated Children | WIRED
> This is according to a new report released Thursday by the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General, which finds that, since 2017, the Trump administration has separated thousands more children from their parents than it previously disclosed and that it tracked these kids in ad hoc, disparate databases, including Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Sharepoint accounts, further complicating the already tortured process of figuring out where those children are today.

Blocking problems:

> Without so much as a unified database in place, the government was left scrambling to meet the court ordered deadline. Finding these children at all required a crisis management task force at the Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response to mine dozens of systems for adults and children with the same last name, who were apprehended at the same place on the same day.
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9 weeks ago by tarakc02
Nevada City shelter cruelty
Homeless shelter operator says they will open *after* three days of rain; not on the first day when three days of rain are predicted
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november 2018 by nelson

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