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Cos on Twitter: "So here's the real question on Seattle crow-watchers' minds: What should we put in our eBird checklists? :)"
So here's the real question on Seattle crow-watchers' minds: What should we put in our eBird checklists? :) American, because they're really the same species, or American/northwestern, because someday the database will merge the two and this will mark the subspecies or form?
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10 days ago by coslinks
Search results for Crow - Flaticon
61 crow icons. Free vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS and ICON FONT
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6 weeks ago by wjlroe
Instagram photo by Carl T. Bergstrom • Feb 12, 2019 at 10:22 PM
Sunset crow

I shot this photograph when a group of maybe 1000 crows was staging in North Seattle. A few minutes after this shot was taken, an irate homeowner came out and accosted me, blaming me for summoning them and insisting I was liable for the fact that they were now sitting all over his roof and trees. I tried to explain how they stage and then fly to the mass roost in Bothell, but he was having none of it. When I continued to deny having called in from all directions, he got out his cell phone and dialed (or pretended to dial; I don't know) the police. I was tempted to stay around because I would love to have "Misdemeanor summoning of more than 1000 crows" on my rap sheet. But I've learned not to f*** with crazy people, and so instead headed on my way. Besides, summoning crows is one thing, but I didn't want to get picked up on charges of inciting a murder.... #Crow #corvid #sunset #crows #corvids #silhouette #CrowsOfSeattle #CrowsOfInstagram #SummoningCrows #UrbanBirding #CityBirds #BirdPhoto

To the homeowner's credit, I know for a fact that this was their first day staging in that particular neighborhood. They'd been staging closer to my house for the preceding weeks and it took me quite a while to find them that evening.
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9 weeks ago by sky
Anyone lose their ring? Clever Seattle found one and flew away with it. 💍🧝‍♀️🐲
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november 2018 by sky
False Knees
where's my jiggly squibbler
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november 2018 by sky

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