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Ask HN: Favorite note-taking software? | Hacker News
Ask HN: What is your ideal note-taking software and/or hardware?:

my wishlist as of 2019:
- web + desktop macOS + mobile iOS (at least viewing on the last but ideally also editing)
- sync across all those
- open-source data format that's easy to manipulate for scripting purposes
- flexible organization: mostly tree hierarchical (subsuming linear/unorganized) but with the option for directed (acyclic) graph (possibly a second layer of structure/linking)
- can store plain text, LaTeX, diagrams, and raster/vector images (video prob not necessary except as links to elsewhere)
- full-text search
- somehow digest/import data from Pinboard, Workflowy, Papers 3/Bookends, and Skim, ideally absorbing most of their functionality
- so, eg, track notes/annotations side-by-side w/ original PDF/DjVu/ePub documents (to replace Papers3/Bookends/Skim), and maybe web pages too (to replace Pinboard)
- OCR of handwritten notes (how to handle equations/diagrams?)
- various forms of NLP analysis of everything (topic models, clustering, etc)
- maybe version control (less important than export)

- Evernote prob ruled out do to heavy use of proprietary data formats (unless I can find some way to export with tolerably clean output)
- Workflowy/Dynalist are good but only cover a subset of functionality I want
- org-mode doesn't interact w/ mobile well (and I haven't evaluated it in detail otherwise)
- TiddlyWiki/Zim are in the running, but not sure about mobile
- idk about vimwiki but I'm not that wedded to vim and it seems less widely used than org-mode/TiddlyWiki/Zim so prob pass on that
- Quiver/Joplin/Inkdrop look similar and cover a lot of bases, TODO: evaluate more
- Trilium looks especially promising, tho read-only mobile and for macOS desktop look at this:
- RocketBook is interesting scanning/OCR solution but prob not sufficient due to proprietary data format
- TODO: many more candidates, eg, TreeSheets, Gingko, OneNote (macOS?...), Notion (proprietary data format...), Zotero, Nodebook (, Polar (, Roam (looks very promising)

Ask HN: What do you use for you personal note taking activity?:

Ask HN: What are your note-taking techniques?:

Ask HN: How do you take notes (useful note-taking strategies)?:

Ask HN: How to get better at taking notes?:

Ask HN: How did you build up your personal knowledge base?:
nice comment from math guy on structure and difference between math and CS:
useful comment collating related discussions:
Designing a Personal Knowledge base:
Ask HN: How to organize personal knowledge?:
Do you use a personal 'knowledge base'?:
Ask HN: How do you share/organize knowledge at work and life?:

other stuff:
Tiago Forte:

hn search:

Slant comparison commentary:

good comparison of options here in comments here (and Trilium itself looks good):






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4 weeks ago by nhaliday
Regex cheatsheet
Many programs use regular expression to find & replace text. However, they tend to come with their own different flavor.

You can probably expect most modern software and programming languages to be using some variation of the Perl flavor, "PCRE"; however command-line tools (grep, less, ...) will often use the POSIX flavor (sometimes with an extended variant, e.g. egrep or sed -r). ViM also comes with its own syntax (a superset of what Vi accepts).

This cheatsheet lists the respective syntax of each flavor, and the software that uses it.

accidental complexity galore
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june 2019 by nhaliday
crosstabs xtab base-R
base R, but I sadly went years without knowing about it."

The format is xtabs(~df$col1 + df$col2), which will return a frequency table with col1 as the rows and col2 as the columns.
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april 2018 by bikesandbooks
3 Crosstab Query Techniques in MS Access
This article addresses some simple crosstab query techniques which can help while working in MS Access.
Crosstab  query  MS  Access  for  displaying  row  Totals  Display  Zeros  instead  of  Blanks  Specify  Column  Headings  corrupted  mdb 
january 2018 by DataNumen

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