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Assassin’s Creed/Skyrim - Desmond is the Dragonborn
You know what? Screw AC4. Desmond is not dead. I’m going to start a new Skyrim game and see if I can make one Desmond Miles. But I started to think, what if, if at the end of AC3, instead of dying Desmond somehow got transported elsewhere… and woke up on a cart headed to execution. It would help explain why you have to option of making your character ask questions about everything in the game, some of which they really should know having grown up in that world. Desmond really wouldn’t know anything about this strange place he has found himself, dragons and all. And this way, Desmond gets to save a world (a few more times) and still be around at the end. And I like the idea of him doing his free running around Skyrim, through the old ruins and such. Pity I wont be able to make him do that in the actual game. Anyway, can anyone think up some stories about poor confused Dimension traveller Desmond Miles, reluctant Dragonborn in a world he doesn’t know, might get up to? Meeting The Companions and getting werewolfed? First time coming face to face with a draugr? His reaction to finding himself at the start of the game, headed for the chopping block. And why does everyone keep giving him quests as soon as he meets them? No, he doesn’t want to go into some creepy ruin to retrieve a golden claw, thank you very much.
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november 2014 by asscreedarchive
Annoyed!anon has one more request
I don't like to double post, but this idea's been gnawing me. AssCreed/Skyrim They don't use the Animus to look for Pieces of Eden, but for Dovahzaan. The Thalmor remind me so much of the Templars. I don't think the Assassin's fit the Dark Brotherhood, but perhaps the Blades?
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january 2014 by asscreedarchive

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