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A Midsummer's night dream?
So here's the thing. Anon is currently trying to memories her lines from Shakespears "A Midsummer's night dream", and was suddenly struck with the image of the cast from AC starring in the play. For you who don't know it, here is a very /very/ simplified version of the plot: Hermia and Lysander are in love and want's to marry, but Hermias father Euges has already promised her to Demitrius. Demitrius used to court Helena, who is still madly in love with him, and also Hermias best friend. Euges takes them to the Duke of Athens: Thesus, and they agree that Hermia has to the next fullmoon to decided if she will marry Demitrius, go into a nunnery or be put to death as per Athenian law. Hermia isn't very fond of either of these ideas, so she and Lysander run away and tries to get to Lysanders relatives outside of Athens. They tell Helena of this plan, who tells Demitrius, who follows them, Helena on his heels, proclaiming her love to him, even as he threatens her. In the wood Helena and Demitrius accidentally disturb the fairy god Oberon, who takes pity on Helena, and orders his servant Puck to use the juice of a magical flower to make Demitrius fall in love with Helena. However, since Oberon only tells Puck that he should use the juice on a young man with athenian clothes, Puck does a mistake and enchants Lysander, who falls in love with Helena. Oberon discovers this and puts a love spell on Demitrius, and now both Lysander and Demitrus are fighting over a very confused Helenas affections, and Hermia is furious, thinking Helena to steal away her man. As I said, a very simplified version ^^, Suggestion for castning? Hermia - Leonardo Lysander - Ezio Helena - Altair (For the Lolz) Demitrius - Malik Egeus - Rodrigo? Thesus - Al Mualim. But these are just suggestions :3
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february 2014 by asscreedarchive
midsummer's night dream/AC III crossover
'cause when Anon thinks of magic-derived love running amok amongst the Colonial Templars and Connor's Brotherhood, it just cracks Anon up.

bonus: Lee professes love to Connor and chases him about while Haytham suddenly can't stop thinking of Hickey who's got the hots for Lee.
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Experimenting Christmas
Hermia!Sherlock and Lysander!John are in love, much to the chagrin of Demetrius!Lestrade. Meanwhile, Helena!Mycroft stands on the sidelines, secretly eyeing (not pining, thank you, not-Anthea; Holmeses do not pine) our favorite DI, but suspects something is decidedly not-on when his affections are suddenly returned, not only by their object, but by Dr. Watson as well.
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