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If They Haven't Learned Your Name
Steve gets out of the hospital in two days, but just barely. “I’m fine,” he tells Sam, Nurse Eunjung and the phalanx of doctors assigned to make sure Captain America didn’t bleed out and die and get bad PR all over their nice clean hospital. “I have an advanced healing factor. It’s fine. See? I’m standing.”

“That is not standing,” Sam tells him.

“You’re bending the IV stand,” Nurse Eunjung adds pointedly. “Let go and sit down, they don’t grow on trees.”

aka Steve and Bucky's Global Honeymoon Revenge World Tour.
fic  marvel  avengers  crossover  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  bucky.barnes  sam.wilson  natasha.romanov 
yesterday by Beatrice_Otter
Ice and The Clouds
After his death, Nara Shikamaru is reincarnated as Kuzan into another crazy world. Needless to say, he is not very amused with the Powers-That-Be, and life becomes very Troublesome. Especially when the Whitebeard Pirates decide that they need to corrupt him over to their side.
author:onihumoexplosionsinc  fandom:Naruto  fandom:OnePiece  crossover  au  wip  gen  friendship!fic  character:ShikamaruNara 
2 days ago by yuurei
The Rescue Job - seraphina_snape - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Quinn's nephew is kidnapped by rogue hunters. Instead of trusting his rescue to the boy's ragtag pack, Quinn calls in the favor Eliot owes him.
fic  f:Leverage  crossover  f:TeenWolf  slash  s:unspecified  'ao3  via:silentflux 
3 days ago by esther_a
end in fire - venndaai - Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie [Archive of Our Own]
Fusion with NK Jemisin's Broken Earth series, because I guess I love writing stuff that will only appeal to like five other people. Anyway Breq is a Guardian and kills a lot of people, the world is ending, everyone has rock names and Sphene is a cannibal.
fanfic  broken_earth  imperial_radch  small_fandom  crossover 
3 days ago by declairing
Daybreak in the Midnight City - triedunture - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Marvel Universe Fusion/AU. With Yellow Eyes dead, life can get back to normal for Sam and Dean—or as normal as it can get for the Winchesters. But when a monster hunt takes a decidedly strange turn (even for them), Dean meets Castiel, a mutant hiding from the government and its draconian Registration Act, and Sam stumbles across Bruce Banner, a genius with a very large alter ego. Together, they realize the forces of Hell, man, and a mysterious new enemy calling himself Loki are conspiring to make their lives as abnormal as possible. They'll need to enlist the help of Tony Stark, known to the world as Iron Man, to face these dark forces in a battle for New York City.
dean/castiel  au  crossover  avengers  Supernatural 
3 days ago by ataratah
Valiant - Tsume_Yuki - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
When Loki's Staff spat out a girl with a lightning bolt scar, HYDRA were not expecting things to go downhill so fast.

They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier.
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:avengers  crossover  pairing:bucky/harry  het  au  genderswap 
4 days ago by as_lld_again
The Rescue Job - seraphina_snape - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Quinn's nephew is kidnapped by rogue hunters. Instead of trusting his rescue to the boy's ragtag pack, Quinn calls in the favor Eliot owes him.
fic  f:Leverage  crossover  f:TeenWolf  slash  s:unspecified  'ao3  via:silentflux 
5 days ago by esther_a
The Avalon seven by sifshadowheart
"Harry is treated for abuse and massive injuries by John Watson as a John Doe. To help solve the mystery of the battered boy John calls in his partner Sherlock - whose father has much more information about his patient than John ever thought possible. Turning to an old acquaintance, Siger Holmes contacts the Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Wallace...Harry's rightful guardian."

this is so out of left field idek but the political maneuvering and the worldbuilding is super interesting; mostly gen altho there's harry/m!harem bc politics and magic :)
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:sherlock  crossover  harrypotter:au  sherlock:au  genfic  harry/omc  wip  recommended 
8 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
flames and magic by iceisawesome
"Tsuna finds an abused child with an abundance of sky flames. Is it any surprise that he adopts him? Hadrian di Vongola is raised by two loving fathers, surrounded by the most dangerous people in the world, and taught to kill by the best of the best. The Wizarding World won't know what hit them."
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  tsuna/xanxus  wip 
10 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The Practical Applications of Linguistics
Summary: Cracky ficlet. Peter Matthews (Methos) gives the White Council a language lesson, much to Harry Dresden's amusement.
!fanfic  !a  gen  crossover  rated:G  dresden_files  highlander/dresden_files  highlander  methos  harry_dresden 
11 days ago by indramiel
That Old Sinking Feeling
Summary: Some days you get to ride a dinosaur through downtown Chicago and some days you end up looking at a town in Maine no one knew existed until last week.
!fanfic  !a  gen  rated:G  crossover  dresden_files  dresden_files/once_upon_a_time  once_upon_a_time  harry_dresden 
11 days ago by indramiel

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