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Big-box competition forces malls to shape up - The Globe and Mail
Aug. 23, 2010 | Globe & Mail | by Sarah Boesveld.

Everyone in retail knows the customer is king. But malls that are shedding tenants have likely lost sight of the people they need to attract.

These malls must look far beyond current shoppers and target the ideal customer, says Mark Healy, partner at Satov Consultants, a Toronto-based management consultancy. Promoting cross-shopping - with a solid mix of retail that includes fashion, pharmacy, music, shoes and so on - can help attract families that may have fatter wallets than the senior citizens and teenagers who might be the more frequent customers as the mall declines, ......"It was 'Let's re-conceptualize what the mall is: Not simply a shopping destination, but a community hub.'" Enticing local physicians, community programs or the municipality to open offices in the mall can almost guarantee a boost in foot traffic, Mr. Healy says. "Look at everything from church groups to minor league soccer to parades and say, 'How do you leverage the mall as an anchor place?'"

Paired with a good mix of stores, it's a great way to get soccer moms roaming the malls when they pick up and drop off their kids, he adds. But the "mall as community hub" is more than just a strategy to drive traffic, he says. It gives the place an identity and builds a connection with shoppers, one that can be further forged if you try to weave local entrepreneurs into the mix of higher profile retailers,
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