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Deepnest - open source nesting software
Open source nesting for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other CNC machines.
cam  design  software  nesting  cross-platform  lasercutter  opensource  illustrator  shopbot 
10 days ago by robduarte
Discover June, a digital communication hub that replaces your email experience. June creates a new world for your existing email that gives you more control, interactivity and efficiency.
cross-platform  startups  clients  email  unique_spin_slightly  hyped  SaaS 
17 days ago by skinnymuch
sciter – Multiplatform HTML/CSS UI Engine for Desktop and Mobile Application
sciter – Multiplatform HTML/CSS UI Engine for Desktop and Mobile Application
gui  ui  framework  cross-platform  application  html  css  javascript 
27 days ago by bales
A mid-level library that provides config/cache/data paths, following the respective conventions on Linux, macOS and Windows
rust  cross-platform  configuration 
27 days ago by spl

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