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Why building trains in New York costs more than any other city
Manhattan’s Pennsylvania Station fills few New Yorkers with civic pride. A jumble of low-ceilinged, poorly sign-posted passageways shoehorned into the basement of Madison Square Garden, the complex crowds more than 200,000 New Jersey and Long Island commuters every weekday through its narrow platforms and undersize waiting areas.

Its operational drawbacks are even worse. Penn Station’s ill-maintained tracks are already being used to maximum capacity, and even slight disruptions can have crippling effects. When the station was partially closed in summer 2017 for emergency track and switch repairs, dozens of rush-hour trains had to be canceled or diverted to outlying stations, where commuters crammed onto subways and buses to Manhattan, an ordeal dubbed the “Summer of Hell.”
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august 2018 by Jswindle
How bureaucracy and crony capitalism stifle innovation | Matt Ridley
While the world economy continues to grow at more than 3 per cent a year, mature economies, from Europe to Japan, are coagulating, unable to push economic growth above sluggish. The reason is that we have more and more vested interests against innovation in the private as well as the public sector.
rentSeeking  cronyCapitalism  freeMarket  capitalism  bureaucracy 
may 2018 by Jswindle
08/18/11 Stick Google Plus Buttons On Your Pages, Or Your Search Traffic Suffers - Internet Marketing Association
What is Google Plus really about? Sure, it’s a social network — a good
one, and it’s adding millions of users fast — but some folks, like fellow
Forbeser Paul Tassi, are skeptical about its chances of luring people away
from the addiction that is Facebook. What we should keep in mind though is that
Plus is a product from Google, a word that is synonymous with search.
Google  censorship  authoritarianism  freespeech  corruption  cronyCapitalism 
september 2017 by Jswindle
The Grumpy Economist: Carrier Commentary
(If it's not obvious one could add, 1) Every million dollars of tax break Carrier gets to stay in Indiana is a million dollars someone else has to pay instead -- likely a smaller company that hires more people. 2) If the US could, in fact, take jobs back from Mexico, then each such job taken back is one more Mexican who wants to migrate to the US. 3) Capital and current accounts add up. If carrier invests $1 M in Mexico, then US exports must increase by $1M. And vice versa. 4) If it's profitable to build air conditioners in Mexico, then someone else will do it and that Carrier plant is toast anyway.)
Trump  cronyCapitalism  cochrane 
december 2016 by HispanicPundit
Is Trump's Deal With Carrier A Form Of Crony Capitalism? : NPR
Cowen: Trump and Bernie Sanders, for all of their populist talk, their actual recipes in both case lead to crony capitalism ... a system where businesses who are in bed with the government and who give the president positive press releases are rewarded and where companies who oppose or speak out against the president are in some way punished.
Trump  Bernie  cronyCapitalism  cowen  NPR 
december 2016 by HispanicPundit
An Ill Wind: Open Season on Bald Eagles - WSJ
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency charged with protecting bald and golden eagles, is once again trying to make it easier for the wind industry to kill those birds. Two weeks ago the…
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june 2016 by mmmb

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