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CronusMax (ControllerMax) vs Titan One -READ THIS NOW!
This thread describes the conflict between Cronus and ConsoleTuner (i.e. Titan One).
ps4  controllers  mods  titan-one  cronus 
december 2016 by darkwater
Samsung’s next Windows Phone 8 handset is called Cronus - VR-Zone
Details of a new Samsung Windows Phone 8 device, called Cronus, have been discerned from the logs of MobileCare, an official Samsung app that’s available on the Windows Phone Store. The description for MobileCare says: “MobileCare collects the log/minidump files and uploads to Samsung MobileCare server which is normally used in User Trial. The quality [...]

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Samsung’s  next  Windows  Phone  8  handset  is  called  Cronus 
july 2013 by vrzone

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