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Paying Users for Their Data Would Exacerbate Digital Inequality – Center for Data Innovation
Writing ever more complicated and intrusive regulations rules about data processing and data use has become the new fad in policymaking. Many are lending an ear to tempting yet ill-advised proposals to treat personal data as traditional finite resource. via Pocket
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The world is being flooded with technology designed to monitor our emotions. Amazon’s Alexa is one of many virtual assistants that detect tone and timbre of voice in order to better understand commands. via Pocket
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Darren Campion
Interesting writing on photography, including an essay on Alec Soth’s ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’.

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Probably via Jörg Colberg.
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The White Lies of Craft Culture - Eater
How the world of small batch, single origin, and totally artisanal erases the people of color who made it possible
criticism  artisnal  whiteprivilage  culture  food  craft  revisionisthistory 
19 hours ago by toastednut
Armen Avanessian: „Wir haben keinen positiven Zukunftsbegriff mehr “ - brand eins online
Weil Roboter Kinderaugen bekommen und traurig escheinen können?

Weil man so tut, als ob KI nach dem Muster menschlicher Intelligenz funktionierte. Das ist in etwa so, als hätte man ein Flugzeug konstruiert, das die Flugbewegungen von Amseln nachmacht. Deshalb glaube ich auch, dass diese aus Science-Fiction-Filmen wie „Terminator“ oder „Matrix“ bekannten Ängste, dass eine KI irgendwann zornig werden und die Menschen unterwerfen kann, absoluter Unsinn ist. Das ist Ausdruck eines Mangels an Fantasie und an Imaginationskraft, was denn überhaupt mit dieser künstlichen Intelligenz zu tun sein wird und wie man sie progressiv wird nutzen können.
AI  criticism  Avanessian_Armen 
22 hours ago by snearch
The Art of the Pan: What’s the Point of a Bad Review in 2019? - The Ringer
A scathing takedown can be cathartic, thrill-inducing, or necessary—sometimes all at once. But with the collapse of monoculture and the rise of social media, the critiquing game has changed. Have reviews gotten harsher? Softer? Writers from Pitchfork, The New York Times, and others reflect.
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3 days ago by tomshen
Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What? - The New York Times
"Now virtual reality art is pouring out of the museum and onto your phone. Last month, the New Museum, in partnership with its new media arm, Rhizome, opened an exhibition of six newly commissioned digital artworks, to be viewed wherever you like, on an Android or iOS device, at no cost. The works in this exhibition, “First Look: Artists’ VR,” all make use of animation — far cheaper than filmed virtual reality, which requires 360-degree camera rigs — and all employ a more or less surreal vocabulary: Objects float in space, spaces collapse into one another. Unlike video games, these artworks are not responsive to users; many of them are tentative explorations of the medium’s potential rather than full-fledged achievements. Some are frankly slight, though they’re still memory hogs; you’ll have to delete lots of photos to make space on your phone’s hard drive."
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