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The Intellectual We Deserve
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yesterday by Chichibio
Microsoft And The UWP For Enterprise Delusion – Dean Chalk
I have been a full time enterprise .NET developer since Microsoft released the beta version of .NET in 2001. By the time WPF and XAML came around in 2006 I was freelance developer in the investment…
microsoft  desktop  application  enterprise  development  abandonment  wpf  legacy  criticism  uwp 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
Fluent Interfaces Are Bad for Maintainability
Fluent interface is a very popular and convenient design pattern, which, however, makes objects larger and less maintainable.
fluent  interface  criticism  oop  huge  object 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
Concurrency I can finally understand and write correctly | Hacker News
zoffix222 6 hours ago | unvote [-]

I like concurrency in Rakudo Perl 6. (
Especially the .hyper method that turns a regular sequence into hyper sequence that gets processed in parallel. First 5000 prime numbers:

# single-thread, takes 14.893s
put ^∞ .grep(*.is-prime).head: 5000

# multi-threaded, takes 8.853s on my 2-core box
put ^∞ .hyper.grep(*.is-prime).head: 5000

jordigh 6 hours ago [-]

Concurrency isn't the same thing as parallelism. You can have concurrency without ever executing two things at the same time. You just give some CPU cycles to one threaad, then pause it, give cycles to the other thread, and keep switching back and forth. Indeed, this is what any multitasking operating system has always done, even when every computer only had one CPU.
For parallelism as what you describe, D instead has approximately the same thing. There's a `parallel` function in the standard library that works on any range (i.e. any iterable). You basically instead of doing

foreach(object; somerange) {
// ..
foreach(object; parallel(somerange)) {
// ...
and it works like your Perl example.
If you want it more functionalish, without writing out the loop, you can use `` instead of ordinary `map` for the same effect. More details:


Programming in D chapter on parallelism:


kqr 4 hours ago [-]

Is this more than just flat data parallelism, in any way? Honest question!

zzzcpan 6 hours ago [-]

Concurrency is not a first class citizen in Perl 6 though. As with Perl 5 the best you can hope for is actor model implemented on top of promises/futures.

zoffix222 6 hours ago [-]

What would make it a first-class citizen?
Even an empty Rakudo Perl 6 program is a multi-threaded program, as the dynamic optimizer runs on a separate thread. I'd figure if that's possible, concurrency/parallelism would be quite a first-class citizen, not a best hope on top of something.


zzzcpan 5 hours ago [-]

Language support for actor model as opposed to shared memory multithreading would make concurrency a first class citizen.

zoffix222 5 hours ago [-]

Perl6  criticism  Multithreading  concurrency  shared_memory  actor  CONs 
5 days ago by snearch

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