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Spurious Correlations
Many examples of correlations that are clearly wrong.
statistics  big_data  Criticism  STS 
17 hours ago by kawaylan
Google is really good at design (The Outline)
Две контрастные статьи Joshua Topolsky о том, как Google заметно улучшил дизайн цифровых и физических продуктов, а Apple, напротив, делает всё больше спорных и костыльных решений.
UX  google  trends  industry  criticism 
5 days ago by jvetrau
Apple is really bad at design (The Outline)
Две контрастные статьи Joshua Topolsky о том, как Google заметно улучшил дизайн цифровых и физических продуктов, а Apple, напротив, делает всё больше спорных и костыльных решений.
UX  apple  trends  industry  criticism 
5 days ago by jvetrau
Time After Time — Real Life
Nor should we assume that linear time is any more neutral than algorithmic-time. Sure, algo-time is a cynical adjustment by social media platforms, prioritizing the pursuit of profit over the demands of its users. But let’s not kid ourselves: linear time has no less served these exact same purposes. Time’s arrow has provided vital bedrock for the formation of contemporary capitalism.
history  chronos  time  algorithms  criticism  culture 
7 days ago by timcowlishaw
modernity as temporal self-exile
“The notion that there is some indissoluble and definitive link between my identity and my moment accounts for some of the most characteristic rhetorical flourishes in our political debates: When people say that history is on their side, or ask how someone can hold Position X in the twenty-first century, or explain that they care about the things they do because of the generation they belong to, or insist that someone they don’t like acts the way he does because of the generation he belongs to, they’re assuming that link. But if time is so definitive time is also a prison: we are bound to our moment and cannot think or live outside it.

And yet people who are so bound congratulate themselves on being emancipated from “their land or place, their race or ethnic group, their traditions or their gods.” They believe they are free, but in fact they have exchanged defining structures that can (and often do) offer security and meaning for a defining abstraction that can offer neither — a home for a prison.”
Criticism  Modernity 
7 days ago by crbassett

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