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Is Music the Key to Understanding Bourbon?
In 1932, the wine critic and classical scholar H. Warner Allen described the Latour 1869 this way: “The palate recognized a heroic wine, such a drink as might refresh the warring archangels, and the perfection of its beauty called up a noble phrase ‘terrible as an army with banners.’”
wyoming  whiskey  tasting  spirit  sounds  larkin  cristen 
february 2019 by pegasus505
Shredded Caesar Salad on Toasts Recipe | Food & Wine
slather home chef compound butter with parsley added and broil toasts rather than follow this recipe.
Serves 8
caesar  must  try  crostini  unusual  dinner  party  dave  cristen  larkin 
december 2018 by pegasus505
Charred Citrus Salad Recipe | Tasting Table
spicy fried shallots
aperol (like compari) vinaigrette
spicy  winter  bbq  larkin  cristen  grapefruit  arugula  oranges  try 
november 2018 by pegasus505
Smoked Gouda Cheese Dip Recipe - Cheese.Genius Kitchen
3 chopped jalapenos, 3 T chopped onion, 1 lb. smoked gouda, 1/4 c. mayo, 1 tsp. liquid smoke, 1 tsp. hot sauce. if not spreadable enuf, add more mayo
smoked  gouda  dip  halloween  larkin  cristen  try  birthday  christmas  whole  foods 
october 2018 by pegasus505
Char Siu Bone-In Pork Chops Recipe - Home Chef
Char Siu Glaze: In a small bowl, combine 1 oz hoisin, 1/2 oz. light brown sugar, 1/2 oz. soy sauce, and 1 Tbsp. water. Stir until well-combined. Set aside. Served with shisito snow pea saute
urge serves it with wasabi mashed potatoes, pineapple mango chutney, sweet soy reduction, asparagus for $21.
My addition: Top with Asparagus tempura and drizzle with miso glaze
asian  pork  chop  the  urge  hoisin  home  chef  try  cristen  MENU 
september 2018 by pegasus505

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