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Electrical Products
Posi-Lock Products - for easy wire connections
Terminals - open barrel type crimp terminals
Terminal Sheaths - plastic sheaths for terminals
Connectors - huge selection of OEM bike connectors
Fuseholders and Fuses - wide variety to choose from
Relays - high quality Panasonic relays and relay sockets
Shrink Tube - single and dual wall types
Switches - bar, rocker, and toggle switches for bikes
Grommets - wide selection of sizes to chose from
Tools - crimpers, and more
Fasteners - push rivet panel connectors, and more
12v  car  crimp 
february 2018 by sr3tlaw
Marine Wire Termination – Marine How To
This article is long and rather detailed. It is written in two parts and covers crimp tooling, terminal selection, types of terminals and includes plenty of do’s & don’ts. The first part covers heat shrink terminals and then goes over insulated terminals.
After writing this article I have had many request to know what tools I actually use. This is about it…
The tools on the left hand side are my primary hand tools.
12v  crimp  car 
june 2017 by sr3tlaw
Molex Connector Part Number - 64016-0038
inexpensive ratcheting crimp tool for uninsulated butt splices
crimp  connection  connector  electrical  wiring  tool 
may 2017 by aaronbeekay

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