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In Philadelphia, a Progressive D.A. Tests the Power — and Learns the Limits — of His Office - The New York Times
On a tour of law schools this fall to recruit young prosecutors, the Philadelphia district attorney began his pitch at the University of Chicago by denouncing the profession he hoped many of the students would join.
12 weeks ago by crystaljjlee
U.S. Weaponizes Its Criminal Courts in Fight Against China and Huawei
Jan. 17, 2019 | WSJ | By Chuin-Wei Yap.

The federal pursuit of theft charges adds pressure on Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies Co. by further involving the criminal-justice system in the fight against China’s alleged encroachment on intellectual property. It is the second case in four months where federal prosecutors have built criminal allegations on civil litigation, risking uncertain outcomes as a verdict isn’t guaranteed.........The Trump administration wants to use indictments, along with export controls and other policy tools, as part of an arsenal to counter Chinese theft of trade and technology secrets, which U.S. officials increasingly view as part of national security.....That has meant a more aggressive effort to convert corporate squabbles into criminal charges.....the entry of federal prosecutors ratchets up global attention and the stakes in what had until then been less noticed civil filings.....High-profile prosecutions are part of a range of weapons the U.S. can call on to shape global perceptions of China’s state-corporate behavior, as well as China’s perception of how its options might be dwindling.....Other tools include sanctioning exports and redefining “emerging technologies” as a national security concern.....“The U.S. will pursue critical Chinese companies in any form possible,” ...... “The U.S. is aiming at creating a kind of sinking feeling for China. That is, no matter what China does, there will still be new angles for the U.S. to contain it.” advantage of using the justice system is that it makes it difficult for China to feign ignorance when faced with a barrage of detailed allegations and corroboration.
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january 2019 by jerryking
There's racial bias in our police systems. Here's the overwhelming proof. - The Washington Post
Even controlling for crime rates, class and income, racial bias infects every nook and cranny of our courts, prisons, jails and police stations.
criminal_justice  racial_inequality 
september 2018 by kyleos
The Fascism In Us All
Heartbreaking article about society's response to crime and the degree to which we'll accept the torture and suffering of others, with specific reference to Hurricane Katrina prisoners and Hurricane Florence looters just trying to survive.
human_rights  disparity  race_relations  prison  natural_disasters  hurricane_katrina  hurricane_florence  luke_o'neil  fascism  torture  criminal_justice  foucault 
september 2018 by sawtoothwave

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