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Opinion | Reckoning With Violence - The New York Times
We must face violent crime honestly and courageously if we are ever to end mass incarceration and provide survivors what they truly want and need to heal.
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20 days ago by capcrime
We Don't Trust the Criminal Justice System Until It Clears a Black Man of Sexual Assault. Then We're All In
If CTG is guilty of what his accuser says, whether or not he was convicted, one can only hope that he’ll get his karma. The courts aren’t reopening his case for legal reasons. But the court of public opinion is just as damaging. Oddly though, Angela Rye will probably pay more for what CTG allegedly did than he will because she decided to wade into a pool that isn’t hers.
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july 2018 by yolandaenoch
Civic Tech in a Time of Technopessimism
Her point was: It’s not the technology that’s significant—a texting tool is not a complex technical artifact—but the tool can change the way the system works.

Here in 2018, it’s possible that you’ve noticed that tech did not save government. But some parents who have been accused of crimes in Tulsa, Oklahoma are now spending the night at home with their kids instead of in jail. Or to take another major Code for America initiative, a bunch of California counties have now made it easier to apply for food stamps.

Neither of these efforts is likely to be hailed as “technology saving government,” but maybe those big abstractions were part of the problem.
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june 2018 by chriskrycho
Blood Will Tell
Joe Bryan has spent the past three decades in prison for the murder of his wife, a crime he claims he didn’t commit.His conviction rested largely on “bloodstain-pattern analysis” — a technique still in use throughout the criminal-justice system, despite concerns about its reliability.Should this type of forensic science remain in the courtroom?
june 2018 by Pasanpr
The LAPD Has a New Surveillance Formula, Powered by Palantir
"Because they over-patrol certain areas. If you’re only looking on Crenshaw and you’re only pulling Black people over then it’s only gonna make it look like, you know, whoever you pulled over or whoever you searched or whoever you criminalized that’s gonna be where you found something" - member of a focus group convened by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
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may 2018 by tarakc02
Understanding the context and consequences of pretrial detention
RT : Please, if you study algorithmic fairness & have used the COMPAS dataset as an example, watch our session. We need…
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february 2018 by tarakc02
Judge dread | Why the US justice system is not fit for purpose
Given all this, if we believe in avoiding wrongful conviction, again we should be guided by a few obvious rules: those selected to prosecute should be the people most intimidated by their own power; we should ensure the disclosure of any and all evidence, whether it implicates the accused or someone else; if we believe in the deterrent power of the judicial process, the system should also punish those who overstep their role, and wittingly contribute to the conviction of the innocent. Instead, we often select people who strongly believe in punishment and make them the ones to decide what evidence from the police file should be deemed “excul­patory” and admitted to court.
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december 2017 by altoii

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