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Алексей Навальный — А теперь скажите: кто же организовал это нападение?
Таким образом, есть следующие факты:

1. Человек подкараулил другого человека и несколько раз ударил его по голове стальной трубой.

2. Нападавший рассказал историю о том, что это Ляскин сам заказал нападение на себя, спустя пять минут после знакомства.

3. Откровения нападавшего, включая «утекшее» видео допроса, моментально тиражируют прокремлёвские СМИ

4. Нападавший ранее неоднократно судим.

5. Нападавший приехал из другого региона. Не имеет здесь ни работы, ни жилья.

6. Тем не менее, полиция отпускает его под подписку о невыезде. (Сравните с другими уголовными делами).

Теперь скажите мне, опираясь на эти шесть фактов: разве могут оставаться сомнения в том, что это нападение организовано чиновниками администрации президента?
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yesterday by some_hren
Gas Pump Skimmers -
Explains skimmers, link to Android app to scan for them.
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yesterday by jeffjensen
The inside story of catching a cyberpirate - CNN
Hall: When you look at him, he doesn't look very threatening. He was sort of pudgy, wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He doesn't look like a hardened criminal. But looks can be deceiving. The fact he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt doesn't mean that he doesn't have the potential to be dangerous.
yesterday by craniac
WLGR: The Julian marriage laws (nos. 120-123, etc.)
In 18 B.C., the Emperor Augustus turned his attention to social problems at Rome. Extravagance and adultery were widespread. Among the upper classes, marriage was increasingly infrequent and, many couples who did marry failed to produce offspring. Augustus, who hoped thereby to elevate both the morals and the numbers of the upper classes in Rome, and to increase the population of native Italians in Italy, enacted laws to encourage marriage and having children (lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus), including provisions establishing adultery as a crime.

Did moral decay destroy the ancient world?:

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2 days ago by nhaliday
SEC announces it was hacked, information may have been used for insider trading
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that cyber criminals had previously breached its database of corporate announcements in 2016 and likely they have used it for insider trading.
breaking  news  cyber  crime  data  breach  hacking  insider  trading  sec  stock  exchange  us 
3 days ago by SecurityFeed
The unimaginable, infamous case of Pam Hupp - St. Louis Magazine
Even if Russ had made it home in 23 minutes, he would have had only nine minutes to stab his wife 55 times and clean up before he called 911. Evidence techs didn’t find a speck of Betsy’s blood on his body, fingernail clippings, or clothing. And he was still wearing the orange Rhode Island T-shirt and Sonoma jeans captured on security cameras earlier that evening when he filled his car, bought cigarettes, and stopped for Snapple.

The police and prosecutor found all those pregame errands suspicious: He’d bought cigs at the U-Gas in Wentzville, a different filling station than the one where he filled his car. Was he creating an alibi by getting on camera in all those places?

Russ always bought his cigarettes at the U-Gas in Wentzville, he told Schwartz. They were 60 cents cheaper than they were at the Conoco. And he still got dog food at Greene’s Country Store in Lake Saint Louis, where the Farias used to live, because they had a rewards card.
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3 days ago by craniac
This Ransomware Demands Nudes Instead of Bitcoin
"Your computer has been locked," reads the message, which then asks the victim to email the hackers. "After we reply, you must send at least 10 nude pictures of you. After that we will have to verify that the nudes belong to you."
4 days ago by jellis
Gib mir Zahlen - sind Ausländer krimineller als Deutsche? - Alles ist wahr.
Aussagen zur Ausländerkriminalität alleien auf Basis der PKS sind nicht seriös
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4 days ago by SimonHurtz

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