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Google Maps mashup shows gang territories and names
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City-Data Forum - Search Results
An in-platform forum search for Rogers Park crime
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Jayme Closs case: Suspect Jake Patterson kicked out of Marines
Boot camp for Marine Corps recruits lasts 13 weeks, but Jake Patterson washed out after only five.

The Marines will only say that Patterson was prematurely discharged because the "character of his service was incongruent with Marine Corps' expectations and standards," Maj. Brian Block, in the Marines' communication directorate, said by email.

That could mean a lot of things, but what exactly he did to get booted from the Marines is unclear.

The first half of boot camp, in essence, is tearing people down
yesterday by maoxian
Jayme Closs case: More nightmarish details could still come
Reading the criminal complaint against Jake Patterson is terrible enough. Poor Jayme Closs had to live it.


With Patterson already facing life in prison if convicted of the other crimes, perhaps the details of sexual offenses would not need to be aired and prosecuted.


When did his soul darken?

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Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?
"one of about 100 victims of the Smiley-Face Killers, an alleged organized gang of serial killers that communicates on the dark web, with cells in dozens of cities across the United States. "
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Fantômas films of Louis Feuillade
Fantômas is a French silent crime film serial directed by Louis Feuillade, based on the novel of the same name.[1] The five episodes, initially released throughout 1913-14, were restored under the direction of Jacques Champreaux and released in a new form in 2006. The series consists of five episodes, each an hour to an hour and a half in length, which end in cliffhangers.
Fantômas  Paris  France  French  Film  Surrealism  Horror  Edward  Gorey  Crime  Serials 
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While pedestrian stops by Chicago police plummeted, officers’ traffic stops soared, ACLU says - Chicago Tribune
Multiple Chicago police officers who talked to the Tribune on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly said they believe many officers now prefer to pull drivers over rather than stop pedestrians. The documentation they must fill out for traffic stops is much simpler than the lengthy, detailed reports required for pedestrian stops as a result of the department’s agreement with the ACLU, they said.

Police have the authority to pull over drivers who commit traffic violations, but even if a ticket isn’t issued, officers are still required to document the motorist’s race and other identifiers. These so-called blue cards, though, take far less time to fill out than the reports for pedestrian stops, the officers said.
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