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Race, Power, and Privilege: Confronting White Supremacy (Nov 18)
"Join Roopa Cheema for a lecture plus question and answer/discussion session. Roopa has been offering this lecture in a series of workshops for teacher candidates at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education since 2013 and is now bringing her knowledge and expertise to the general public. This is an in-depth primer to understanding how white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and anti-Indigeneity operates and functions in our society."
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2 days ago by jamesshelley
Making a Difference: Research for Social Justice (Oct 28)
"The event will involve a number of professors from Western, all of whom are members of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars. The themes covered in the Western event will be: Canada's TRC and reconciliation; poverty; environmental issues; the refugee experience; and violence against women with families."
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5 days ago by jamesshelley
Setting the Scene: Precarious Employment in London (Oct 17)
"Join the London Poverty Research Centre at King's for an evening of inquiry and discussion as we explore the concept of precarious employment in the first of this three-part series. "Setting the Scene: Precarious Employment in London Ontario" will feature a keynote presentation by Dr. Joseph Michalski, King's Associate Academic Dean, with a moderated panel discussion to follow."
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5 days ago by jamesshelley
OHRC: policy statement on the duty to accommodate
"The Ontario Human Rights Code provides for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Accommodation is essential if these rights are to be realized. Human rights would be functionally meaningless if the needs of Code-protected groups were not taken into account through the process of accommodation. By making adjustments to the standard way of doing things, organizations are fulfilling their legal responsibility to remove the barriers that prevent people covered by the Code from fully taking part in, and contributing to the community."
crhesi  radar  human  rights 
5 days ago by jamesshelley
Fifth Annual Journeys of Migration (Nov 9)
"This production humanizes the stories we read and hear about in the media, and brings us into the world of immigrant women. Using music, poetry and the real words of these women, We Are Not the Others brings you the struggles, pain, resiliency and hopes of immigrants everywhere."
crhesi  radar  theatre  immigration 
5 days ago by jamesshelley
Understanding drug use among post-secondary students
"[A] literature review that seeks effective solutions educational institutions can apply to improve outcomes for students who use drugs. Motivations for use, effects of the substances, an analysis of efforts to control use from educational institutions, and suggestions on promoting most effective outcomes based on harm reduction, are described."
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  education 
5 days ago by jamesshelley
Sixties Scoop compensation excludes Métis and non-status Indigenous Peoples
"the claim will leave out groups like Métis and non-status Indigenous Peoples, said Jeffery Wilson, the lawyer who represented the Ontario survivors in the class action suit."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  reconciiation  metis 
10 days ago by jamesshelley
Interested in podcasting for advocacy or knowledge sharing? (Oct 20)
"A 1.5 hour session all about podcasting, specifically designed for people who are just starting out, thinking about starting out, or folks who have questions about gear, recording, process, styles, and so on."
crhesi  radar  podcast  event 
12 days ago by jamesshelley
OECD Report: The Pursuit of Gender Equality — An Uphill Battle (October 2017)
"Gender inequalities persist in all areas of social and economic life and across countries. Young women in OECD countries generally obtain more years of schooling than young men, but women are less likely than men to engage in paid work. Gaps widen with age, as motherhood typically has marked negative effects on gender pay gaps and career advancement. Women are also less likely to be entrepreneurs, and are underrepresented in private and public leadership positions."
crhesi  radar  gender  equity 
12 days ago by jamesshelley
Decision not to charge Quebec mosque shooter with terrorism “deeply concerning”
"The decision by Crown prosecutors to not charge Quebec mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette with terrorism reinforces negative stereotypes and is deeply concerning to Muslim communities, says a prominent Canadian Muslim advocacy organization."
crhesi  radar  terrorism  law  islam  equity  stereotypes 
12 days ago by jamesshelley
Ontario Expanding Worker Protections for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence
"Ontario is creating safer workplaces by proposing a job-protected leave of absence when a worker or their child has experienced or is threatened with domestic or sexual violence...Under this leave, a worker would have the right to take up to 17 weeks off without the fear of losing their job. "
crhesi  radar  ontario  regulation  abuse  violence 
12 days ago by jamesshelley
Responding to the opioid crisis: leading practices, challenges and opportunities
"This document contains input from over 20 HealthCare CAN members and partners on critical aspects of a national response to the opioid crisis..."
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  opioids 
12 days ago by jamesshelley
The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity
"Developed in partnership with PolicyLink and funded by the Ford and W.K. Kellogg foundations, The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity highlights examples from 12 leading companies such as Gap Inc., PayPal, and Cigna, who are driving innovation and growth by advancing racial equity."
crhesi  radar  equity  racism 
15 days ago by jamesshelley
Cultural Humility Workshop (Oct 12) 
"Cultural humility, unlike cultural competence, does not assume an end point but a commitment to life-long learning. It is an approach that helps us create equitable institutions through the intentional practice of meeting others where they are, addressing power differentials, institutionalizing organizational consistency, and focusing on unlearning personal biases."
crhesi  radar  cultural  humility  event  toronto 
16 days ago by jamesshelley
Session 2: Strategic Visioning and Action Planning (Oct 13)
"The City of London, along with the South West LHIN, Middlesex-London Health Unit, CMHA Middlesex, Vanier Children’s Services (as the Lead Agency for Children’s MH&A Services), and Addictions Services of Thames Valley, have partnered with OPTIMUS | SBR to develop a community mental health and addictions strategy."
crhesi  radar  event  addiction  mental  health 
16 days ago by jamesshelley
Survey: London's Community Mental Health and Addictions Strategy
"As part of its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, the City of London is facilitating the development of a community mental health and addictions strategy with the assistance of community partners...This survey is one way that we will learn about your experiences and ideas about mental health and addictions services in London."
survey  ldnont  crhesi  radar 
16 days ago by jamesshelley
You Are Being Tracked, Evaluated and Sold: an analysis of digital inequalities
"If our personal data is traded in milliseconds up to 70k times per day, what does this mean? ... If we want to know how inequalities are being shaped in the present and future we need to understand the opaque mechanisms that operate through stealth and experiment with our personal disclosures."
crhesi  radar  share  curiouspublic  social  media  privacy 
17 days ago by jamesshelley
"Once doing street checks at triple the rate of other major cities, London police now in single digits"
"Though London police ran 8,400 street checks in 2014 — a rate more than triple that of police in Ottawa and Hamilton — officers have conducted just a half dozen of the stops in the first half of 2017, according to a report to the police services board."
crhesi  radar  ldnont  street  checks  carding 
19 days ago by jamesshelley
OHRC calls for government accountability to advance the human rights of prisoners with mental health disabilities
"The OHRC has filed a contravention application with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) alleging that the Ontario government breached the Jahn v. MCSCS settlement, a legally binding agreement made in September 2013 that required the implementation of major reforms to the use of segregation."
crhesi  radar  human  rights  ontario  jail  prison  mental  health 
21 days ago by jamesshelley

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