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Statistics Canada: How Canadians spent their money in 2016 infograph
"the annual average spending on public transportation across Canada, shelter costs for owners and renters, as well as the proportion of Canadian households’ food budget spent on restaurant meals."
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yesterday by jamesshelley
Education indicators in Canada: An international perspective, 2017
"In 2016, 91% of Canadians aged 25 to 64 had at least a high school diploma or postsecondary credential, well above the OECD average of 78%."
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yesterday by jamesshelley
Cost of child care up by 20% in some cities since 2014
"Child-care fees in most of Canada are still outpacing inflation and for many they were too expensive to begin with," CCPA senior economist David Macdonald said.
crhesi  radar  childcare 
yesterday by jamesshelley
Statistics Canada: Cyberstalking in Canada Infograph
"Based on data from the General Social Survey on Canadians’ Safety, this infographic looks at instances of cyberstalking in Canada by region, age, sex and marital status."
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2 days ago by jamesshelley
The Racialized Maternal Health Conference (Toronto, Jan 31, 2018)
"The Racialized Maternal Health Conference 2018 is a forum where professionals, students, experts, researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders will come together to pursue efforts to improve racialized maternal-newborn health and practices in Canada by promoting best practices, cultural competency and advocacy for racialized maternal health issues, research and policies."
crhesi  radar  racism  event  maternal 
2 days ago by jamesshelley
Interim Board of Directors Appointed to the National Council for Reconciliation
"The appointments will help advance Canada’s commitment to implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action (CTA), and are directly linked to CTA #53 and #54. These CTAs call for the establishment of a National Council for Reconciliation, and multi-year funding for the National Council and the endowment of a National Reconciliation Trust."
crhesi  radar  reconciliation 
2 days ago by jamesshelley
Ontario’s Anti-Black Racism Strategy
"The government’s roadmap for addressing anti-Black racism and improving outcomes for Black communities. "
crhesi  radar  racism  ontario 
2 days ago by jamesshelley
Statements from Chief John Pare and London Police Services Board Chair Jeannette Eberhard
"There are currently seven London Police Service officers before the courts on criminal charges – two as a result of investigations by the Special Investigations Unit and five as a result of investigations initiated by my office."
crhesi  radar  police  ldnont 
2 days ago by jamesshelley
Youth in Philanthropy finds new home with London Youth Advisory Council
"Starting in January 2018 London Community Foundation will proudly hand off its Youth in Philanthropy committee to the London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC)."
crhesi  radar  youth  ldnont 
2 days ago by jamesshelley
CFD · Summer Education Institute: Teaching for Transformation (June 12-14, 2018)
"Do you work in health professions education? Are you trying to create education opportunities that promote equity, reflection, critical reflection, person-centered or compassionate care? Transformative education approaches can support critically reflective practitioners in navigating practice challenges and changing systems. This 3-day intensive program will discuss why and how to engage in transformative education in the health professions."
crhesi  radar  transformative  education  health  equity  conference  event 
4 days ago by jamesshelley
Ontario Opening 50 New Long-Term Care Beds in London
"Ontario is opening 50 new long-term care beds in London that will help seniors access the care they need, part of a commitment to create 5,000 long-term care beds over the next four years and more than 30,000 across the province over the next decade."
crhesi  radar  ldnont  longterm  care  hospital 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
2018-2019 Call for Proposals for the Northern Contaminants Program
"These projects will increase understanding and raise awareness of long-range contaminant levels in traditionally harvested foods and their potential impacts on the health of animals and people."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  food  grant  proposals 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
Equity-focused public health practice as a strategy to tackle TB
"It’s no secret to anyone working in tuberculosis (TB) programs in public health that the social determinants of health (SDH) have a major influence on who is at risk for contracting TB."
crhesi  radar  tb  health  equity 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
Quebec judge stays controversial face-cover law Bill 62
"A judge has suspended Quebec's requirement that people show their faces to obtain public services, dealing the province's controversial 'religious neutrality' law its first legal setback."
crhesi  radar  quebec  islam 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
Self-government over education on horizon for 23 Anishinabek Nation First Nations in Ontario
"Today, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs announced that enabling legislation for the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement will pass all stages in the House of Commons. The goal of Bill C-61 is to give effect to the largest education self-government agreement in Canada. It marks a major step out from under the Indian Act for 23 Anishinabek Nation First Nations toward greater self-determination and improved education outcomes for Anishinabek students. Bill C-61 will now move to the Senate for consideration."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  education  first  nations 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
How the opioid epidemic affects child survivors of domestic violence (Dec 12)
"It is important to understand how the opioid epidemic affects kids so that we can better support adult and child survivors of domestic violence. Living with parents who are addicted to opioids can affect children’s brain development, sense of safety, and social wellbeing."
crhesi  radar  drugs  opioids  webinar  event 
8 days ago by jamesshelley
Western students respond to food insecurity via Google Doc
"It works like this: hungry students can fill out a Google doc with their name, Western email and a list of requested items... A volunteer from the food support program then fills up a tote bag with the student's requested items and leaves it in a designated locker."
crhesi  radar  food  security  western  students 
9 days ago by jamesshelley
Public interest inquiry into racial profiling and racial discrimination by the Toronto Police Service
"The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) announced that it has launched a public interest inquiry into racial profiling and racial discrimination by the Toronto Police Service (TPS). Using its legislated inquiry powers under section 31 of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, the OHRC has called for the TPS, the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) and the Special Investigations Unit to provide a wide range of data to determine exactly how and where racial profiling operates in law enforcement."
crhesi  radar  toronto  police  human  rights 
13 days ago by jamesshelley
Justice Transformation
“Your input in this consultation will help the department understand what Canadians expect from the Criminal Justice System. The consultation is taking place until January 15, 2018.”
crhesi  radar  justice  survey  from iphone
13 days ago by jamesshelley
Statistics Canada: Police-reported hate crime, 2016
"Police reported 1,409 hate crimes in Canada in 2016, 47 more than in 2015. This represented less than 0.1% of the 1,895,546 crimes (excluding traffic violations) that were reported by police services. The 3% increase in hate crimes was a result of more incidents targeting South Asians and Arabs or West Asians, the Jewish population, and people based on their sexual orientation. In contrast, hate crimes against Muslims and Catholics declined in 2016."
crhesi  radar  hate  crime  stats 
15 days ago by jamesshelley

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