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« earlier | Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™ is the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform. Our wallet app allows you to buy, sell, send and track cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). The MCO VISA Card allows you to spend anywhere at perfect interbank exchange rates with crypto cashback.
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5 days ago by reggytrades
India’s ride-hailing firm Ola is now in the credit card business, too | TechCrunch
A day after India’s largest wallet app Paytm entered the credit cards business, local ride-hailing giant is following suit. Ola has inked a deal with state-run SBI bank and Visa to issue as many as 10 million credit cards in next three and a half years, it said today. The move will help Visa and […]
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6 weeks ago by JINYONG86
Acquiring bank
Wirecard is one of the world’s leading full-service providers:

Global network
Issuing bank, acquiring bank, PSP payment solutions and e-commerce gateways
Member of Visa, MasterCard and JCB International
Subject to the security standards of a full-service German bank and monitored by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
Member of the deposit protection fund of German banks

→ More information about Wirecard Bank and the Wirecard Group
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9 weeks ago by JINYONG86
Non-banks move in on merchant acquiring - Transactions & Technology -
The need for scale, continuous investment as well as constraints on capital are pushing banks to reconsider whether they need to keep their merchant services divisions in house, or allow a non-bank player to step in.
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9 weeks ago by JINYONG86
Fin – The primary players in payments processing
A breakdown of the major players in the payment processing industry
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9 weeks ago by JINYONG86
Privacy - A better way to pay.
Privacy creates secure virtual cards and completes checkout forms for you, saving you time and money while masking your real card details.
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10 weeks ago by pb30
The Design of Apple's Credit Card
This level of obsession with the details is nearly expected from Apple. It’s an obsession that requires taste, wealth, expertise and an extensive supply chain, a combination unique to Apple.
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11 weeks ago by jtyost2
How Apple Card works • TechCrunch
Matthew Panzarino, with some interesting detail:
<p>Perhaps the biggest security feature of the offering is that Apple Card can generate virtual card numbers for online non-Apple Pay purchases. Though Apple said that the app would display your card info during the event, they weren’t specific on what that info would be so I got some more detail here.

• The physical Apple Card, of course, has no number. The app displays the last 4 digits of the card number that is on the mag stripe of the card only, you never see the full card number.<br />• Instead, Apple provides a virtual card number and virtual confirmation code (CVV) for the card in the app. You can use this for non-Apple Pay purchases online or over the phone. This number is semi-permanent, meaning that you can keep using it as long as you want.<br />• But you can hit a button to regenerate the PAN (primary account number), providing you with a new credit card number at any time. This is great for situations where you are forced to tell someone your credit card number but do not necessarily completely trust the recipient.<br />• Card numbers are manually regenerated only, and do not automatically rotate. There is, currently, no single-use number support or single-merchant number support.<br />• Each purchase requires a confirmation code, a fantastic <a href="">additional security feature outlined by Zack Whittaker</a> earlier in the week. This makes it even harder for someone to use your card, even if skimmed or copied, to make online purchases.</p>

Credit cards are so prone to being copied and stolen. We've had widespread use of smartphones for nearly a decade. It's about time this got changed.
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march 2019 by charlesarthur
The Apple Card is a perfect example of Apple’s post-iPhone strategy
And while Apple Pay may be a bold vision of the future, it’ll likely be years before contactless digital payments become truly mainstream in the US. In the meantime, Apple wants to sell you the benign and the boring — a credit card, a cable package, a magazine subscription — in hopes it can make its software and services as intrinsic a part of everyday life as its smartphone. Changing industries from the ground up is no longer Apple’s playbook, especially as it plays catch-up to companies like Netflix and Spotify.

Apple’s strategy mirrors that of Amazon. The e-commerce giant started out selling genuinely new and best-in-class products like the Kindle and then the AI-powered Echo speaker. But Amazon has since used the consumer goodwill it garnered and the power it wields over its digital storefront to sell you everything from microwaves and wall clocks to white label clothing brands, home supplies, and AmazonBasics-branded AA batteries.
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march 2019 by jtyost2

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