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Testing Credit-Card Numbers In E-Commerce Checkouts (Cheat Sheet) — Smashing Magazine
A list of credit cards that can be used to test e-commerce setups.

Does this mean you can get free stuff?????
credit-cards  e-commerce 
11 weeks ago by daguti
Citi® Card Benefits - Virtual Account Numbers
Some Citi cards support "Virtual Account Numbers". I guess I'll have to see if mine does. Some people on Reddit have said that this is the only service that really compares to Shopsafe. I.e., it lets you put a dollar limit on a virtual number.
shopsafe  credit-cards 
september 2019 by darkwater
Eno® from Capital One® - Chrome Web Store
Eno is a virtual credit card number thing from Capital One that is something like Bank of America's Shopsafe. Unfortuantely, some people have reported that it doesn't let you put a dollar limit on the number. Though their website does show that you can easily turn the number on and off at will.

"Virtual Account Numbers"

Also, apparently American Express has such a thing too:

Though it seems to be tailored mostly toward corporate customers, so I don't know if they have a personal version.
credit-cards  shopsafe 
september 2019 by darkwater
Token - Virtual, Secure, Anti-Fraud Payment Cards
Bank of America has dropped Shopsafe. This seems to offer a similar service, but I don't know what the caveats are.

"Virtual Account Numbers"
credit-cards  shopsafe 
september 2019 by darkwater
RedditUser1313131 comments on $30k cc debt that I need to figure out
The main thing you have to be aware of is how much of the money is actually going towards paying down your debt.

Most people who've run up their credit cards think that they will pay them off eventually because they are sending in a large payment every month. Let's say for example you send them $2000 this month, but you also used the card for practical purchases groceries, gas, etc. totaling $1500, so only $500 is going to pay it down right? No. With 30k is debt (at 20% interest) you're going to be assessed more than $500 in interest that month, so your debt actually increased slightly. You've got to make sure that you're paying at least:

new purchases (that month) + new interest (that month) + $833 = amount you'll need to pay every month to get this paid off in 3 years.

I just want to emphasize how much cutting back is required to pay this down. If you were overspending before, you'd have to cut back to not add to this debt. Then you'll have to cut back further to account for the money you're being charged in interest. Then you'd have to cut back yet again to actually make headway paying down your debt. This is not going to be a casual thing you pay down slowly without much effort or sacrifice. If you truly want to get rid of it, you've got to be willing to dramatically reduce your lifestyle.

A debt consolidation loan can make things easier to manage (and charge you less in interest). Beware of companies that do debt settlement (they will sometimes inaccurately call it "debt consolidation"). Debt consolidation is where all of your debts are combined with one payment, but the total amount of debt you owe does not change. Debt settlement is where they ruin your credit score and then negotiate down the amount you owe. There are a number of things that can go wrong with debt settlement. Most people are better off doing bankruptcy than debt settlement.

If you're willing to make paying this off your number one priority, you should be able to do it within a few years. 30k isn't so much debt that you can't get out.
debt  credit-cards  personal-finance  money 
june 2019 by lwhlihu
$30k cc debt that I need to figure out : personalfinance
Work on finding out where your money goes every month and then find out how badly you really want to pay off the debt.
personal-finance  money  credit-cards 
june 2019 by lwhlihu
whinecube comments on Opinion - every possible everyday expense should be put on credit cards with the intention of paying in full every month.
(when something happens with your debit card)


it will take weeks to get the bank to return it

Lol. This happened to me once and it took a year to get that money back. I now never use debit cards. I just put everything on a credit card and pay off the balance in full.
personal-finance  credit-cards  money 
june 2019 by lwhlihu
TrueLink00 comments on Opinion - every possible everyday expense should be put on credit cards with the intention of paying in full every month.
You are also creating a safety layer between your money and your transaction. If your debit card gets skimmed or stolen, the thief gets direct access to your money and you have to wait through a fraud claims period to get it back. If your credit card gets skimmed or stolen, you only have a held charge while things get sorted out.
credit-cards  personal-finance 
june 2019 by lwhlihu

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