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[SOLVED] WDS clients prompting for credentials after changing admin PW? - Windows Server - Spiceworks
Solution: If you are using WDS by itself, the WDS credentials are most likely in the client unattend files. In the WindowsPE pass, there should be a component
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9 days ago by vangoethemstef
How The Top 21% Of PAM-Mature Enterprises Are Thwarting Privileged Credential Breaches
"Energy, Technology & Finance are the most mature industries adopting Privileged Access Management (PAM), outscoring peer industries by a wide margin. Government, Education, and Manufacturing are the industries most lagging in their adoption of Zero Trust Privilege (ZTP), making them the most vulnerable to breaches caused by privileged credential abuse. Education and Manufacturing are the most vulnerable industries of all, where it’s common for multiple manufacturing sites to use shared accounts for controlling privileged access. The study found shared accounts for controlling privileged access is commonplace, with 52% of all organizations reporting this occurring often. Presented below are the relative levels of Zero Trust Privilege Maturity by demographics, with the largest organizations having the most mature approaches to ZTP, which is expected given the size and scale of their IT and cybersecurity departments."
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Crawler (Bot) searching for credential leaks on different paste sites.
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