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Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web
And the damn reverse chronology bias — once called into creation, it hungers eternally — sought its next victim. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest, of all things. Today these social publishing tools are beginning to buck reverse chronological sort; they’re introducing algorithm sort, to surface content not by time posted but by popularity, or expected interactions, based on individual and group history. There is even less control than ever before.
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17 hours ago by inspiral
Nintendo Labo™ Creators Contest - Winners
These are fantastic. And they also make me think: you could *kind* of do some of these if you could pair a bunch of Apple remotes (gyros, accelerometers - but without the light sensing) with an iPad and connect them up to Swift Playgrounds. Nintendo have got something very nice here.
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20 hours ago by danhon
It Ain’t Necessarily So — Chris Ford
Music as code! Despite the cryptic title this talk should be great! Here are some questions Chris often gets ? The book that got Chris into this is Sweet anticipation by David Huron. The biggest takewaways are: via Pocket
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yesterday by jolilius
Domain Specific Programming Platforms for Creativity — Jennifer Mary Jacobs
Creating a programming language is hard, but making one for creativity is even harder because creativity is so diverse. So far OpenFramworks and Processing are some of the most successful ones, because they are created by artists and are created on top of GPLs. via Pocket
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yesterday by jolilius
To Make Sense of the Present, Brains May Predict the Future
Intro: A controversial theory suggests that perception, motor control, memory and other brain functions all depend on comparisons between ongoing actual experiences and the brain’s modeled expectations.

Gurwinder's summary tweet: "Human perception is like predictive text, filling in the unknown with what is already known, reshaping the foreign into the familiar, sacrificing fidelity for intelligibility."

[MY NOTE: This seems extremely relevant to my argument about school homogenizing the anchors we have access to in our minds and thus limiting creativity.]
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2 days ago by jaypcross
5 Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done
• Personal Exceptionalism
• Dichotomous Thinking
• Correct Overgeneralization
• Blank-Canvas Thinking
• Schumpeterianism
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3 days ago by jaypcross
RT : A siloed organizational structure inhibits and collaboration and can be an organization's biggest downf…
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4 days ago by TomRaftery

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