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License of our free stock photos - Pexels
Pexels offers free stock photos that you can use for personal and commercial projects. With our large variety of free images you will find the perfect photo for your website or blog post.
photos  images  stock  free  creativecommons 
8 days ago by exnihilo
BY licenses facilitated new important freedoms,based on required attribution of authorship.

creativecommons  from twitter
10 days ago by eoto
Home Page — Python for designers
This manual is an introduction to Python3 and DrawBot. It covers some language and programming basics as well as a good share of the DrawBot API. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to programming and you are often busy with drawing stuff on a screen, this is maybe the right place for you!
python  design  tutorial  creativecommons  macos 
15 days ago by keimlink
SurviveJS - Webpack
A book for beginner to intermediate users of webpack.
webpack  book  javascript  creativecommons 
18 days ago by keimlink
SurviveJS - React
Shows you how to build a simple Kanban. The idea is that if you can build a simple application, you can probably build something more complex after that. The first application is always the hardest.
react  book  creativecommons 
18 days ago by keimlink
SurviveJS - Maintenance
Gather development practices that are particularly useful for anyone who has to maintain JavaScript code or code that compiles to JavaScript.
javascript  book  creativecommons  maintenance  packaging  documentation 
18 days ago by keimlink
construction - Thin - iconmonstr
This looks to be sort of like The Noun Project except that all of these icons are open source (even for commercial use).

icons  creativecommons  opensource  2019 
23 days ago by handcoding
Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library
illustrations  design  library  free  creativecommons 
25 days ago by mfilej
5/5 Zukünftig steht für mich auch zur Debatte,ob das Einzel-Urheber*innen-Modell von skaliert für…
CreativeCommons  from twitter
4 weeks ago by eoto
/1 - möglicher Widerspruch zwischen dem Ideal einer offener Gemeinschaft, die freie Inhalte erscha…
CreativeCommons  from twitter
4 weeks ago by eoto
Boundless Anatomy and Physiology
CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike licensed A&P textbook
creativecommons  textbook  anatomy  education 
4 weeks ago by loimprevisto

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