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TAYLOR DEUPREE | 2016: A Year Of Words
"In 2016 I decided to try something I rarely work with or use in my art: words. The idea, on a daily basis, was to notice interesting words or phrases, or have them pop into my head, or having inspiration for a place manifested in a word. It was definitely challenging for me and I think the outcome was not only interesting but these words and phrases will surely make their way into my song titles, album titles and general creative pool. "
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10 days ago by jbushnell
An Interview with Alan Moore - Believer Magazine
Alan Moore, in 2013, very much On His Bullshit: "[W]hat I believe one is essentially doing is creating metafictions. It’s creating fictions that are so complex and so self-referential that for all practical intents and purposes they almost seem to be alive. That would be one of my definitions of what a god might be. It is a concept that has become so complex, sophisticated, and so self-referential that it appears to be aware of itself. ... If gods and entities are conceptual creatures, which I believe they are self-evidently, then the concept of a god is a god. An image of a god is the god—a little closer to hand."
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january 2019 by jbushnell
Remarks on Utopia in the Age of Climate Change
Read this back in February, neglected to bookmark it until now (whoops)
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november 2015 by jbushnell
How We Got to Now | Watch Online | PBS Video
Steven Johnson's PBS program; should remember to watch this at some point
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october 2015 by jbushnell
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 85, J. G. Ballard
J. G. Ballard, interviewed at the Paris Review, circa 1984: "The whole drift of my mind is pretty clearly stated in my work; basically, one has to immerse oneself in the threatening possibilities offered by modern science and technology, and try to swim to the other end of the pool. "
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september 2015 by jbushnell
Raiders Story Conference Transcript (tape 1)
Story Conference Transcript
January 23, 1978 thru January 27, 1978
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan
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july 2015 by Sandbox.Magician
cityofsound: Sketchbook: Print-on-demand work-in-progress
"Area Man Finds 'Book' A Useful, Engaging Format": Dan Hill reflects (around 2012) on the role print-on-demand books can play
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june 2015 by jbushnell

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