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BEEPLE | the work of mike winkelmann (vj loops, cinema4d, vj clips)
BEEPLE is Mike Winkelmann. The graphic designer makes a variety of art crap across a variety of media. some of it is ok, but a lot of it kind of blows ass. he’s working on making it suck less every day. Watch his VJ loops
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may 2019 by ilijusin
Who’s using your face? The ugly truth about facial recognition
In order to feed this hungry system, a plethora of face repositories — such as IJB-C — have sprung up, containing images manually culled and bound together from sources as varied as university campuses, town squares, markets, cafés, mugshots and social-media sites such as Flickr, Instagram and YouTube.

To understand what these faces have been helping to build, the FT worked with Adam Harvey, the researcher who first spotted Jillian York’s face in IJB-C. An American based in Berlin, he has spent years amassing more than 300 face datasets and has identified some 5,000 academic papers that cite them.

The images, we found, are used to train and benchmark algorithms that serve a variety of biometric-related purposes — recognising faces at passport control, crowd surveillance, automated driving, robotics, even emotion analysis for advertising. They have been cited in papers by commercial companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, SenseTime and IBM, as well as by academics around the world, from Japan to the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

“We’ve seen facial recognition shifting in purpose,” says Dave Maass, a senior investigative researcher at the EFF, who was shocked to discover that his own colleagues’ faces were in the Iarpa database. “It was originally being used for identification purposes . . . Now somebody’s face is used as a tracking number to watch them as they move across locations on video, which is a huge shift. [Researchers] don’t have to pay people for consent, they don’t have to find models, no firm has to pay to collect it, everyone gets it for free.”
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april 2019 by jm
WOWA | Free do whatever you want Music
Download Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos, Podcasts and Apps. No Copyright CC0 Music inspired by Unsplash.
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february 2019 by ilijusin
The Art Institute of Chicago Puts 44,000+ Works of Art Online | OpenCulture
A huge number of works of art, available online under a Creative Commons license
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january 2019 by tremolo

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