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Structure de l'IBAN
Le Numéro International de Compte Bancaire (IBAN) est un moyen internationalement reconnu pour identifier les comptes bancaires à travers les frontières nationales avec un risque réduit d'erreurs de transcriptions.
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9 weeks ago by ebouchut
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Latest ISOfocus brings benefits of ageing If you think “aged”, “senior” and “elderly” are negative buzzwords, think again! Businesses, large and small, have begun to use the ageing market as a lens through which to view their strategic plans, according to the World Economic Forum report via Pocket
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march 2019 by MelissaAgnes
Ten years of teaching the CBCI Certification Course - what has changed / Good Practice Guidelines / Bulletin / BC Training
Just before I start this week's bulletin, our thoughts are with the people of New Zealand after the attack on the two mosques today. via Pocket
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march 2019 by MelissaAgnes
Home - IACET
IACET Connection Webinars are quality learning events on a variety of topics relevant to the adult continuing education and training community. All webinars are included at no charge with AP or individual membership. via Pocket
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february 2019 by MelissaAgnes
Small Business Marketing Consulting - Duct Tape Marketing
Is your website underperforming? Are you having trouble attracting and converting local leads? Do you need to improve your social presence? Is every sales conversation about price? We can help. When you work with Duct Tape Marketing, you get expert marketers that will help you get back on track. via Pocket
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february 2019 by MelissaAgnes

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