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Tiny Endian
How to scrape the web and not get caught
This article will be just a quick one. It's a few line of code recipe on how to mitigate IP restrictions and WAFs when crawling the web. If you're reading this you probably already already tried web scraping. It's all easy breezy until one day someone managing the website you're harvesting data from realizes what happens and blocks your IP. If you're running your scrappers in an automated way you'll start seeing them failing miserably. You'll probably want to solve this problem fast, before any of precious data slips through your fingers.
Sa hello to proxies
While it might be tempting to use one of paid providers of such services it isn't that hard to craft a home baked solution that will cost you no money. This is thanks to an awesome project scrapy-rotating-proxies.
Just add it to your project like it is described in the documentation:
# ...
# ...
# ...
So, where to get this proxies.txt list from? This is easier than you think. I was not able to find a python project that would provide a list free proxies out of the box, but there is a list-proxies node module made exactly for that!
Installation is extremely simple, as well as usage:
proxy-lists getProxies --sources-white-list="gatherproxy,sockslist"
This will save a bulky list of proxies in your proxies.txt file.
Say hello to Makefiles
Now you're essentially running a mixed-language project (with Python for scrapy and JS for list-proxies). You need a way to synchronize these two tools. What would be better than the lingua franca of builds and orchestration - the Makefile.
Just create a target:
yarn run proxy-lists getProxies --sources-white-list=$$PROXIES_SOURCE_LIST
scrapy crawl mycrawler -o myoutput.csv
rm -r proxies.txt
And after you're done with that, your build step in Jenkins becomes just:
make all
Things to consider
Of  course  there's  an  overhead  to  pay  for  using  this  -  after  introducing  proxies  my  crawl  times  grew  by  an  order  magnitude  from  minutes  to  hours!  But  hey_  it  works  and  it's  free_  so  if  you're  not  willing  to  pay  for  data  in  cash_  you  need  to  pay  for  it  with  time.  Luckily  for  you  with  this  sweet  hack  it's  build  server's  time_  not  yours.  from iphone
4 days ago by hendry
zcrawl/zcrawl: An open source web crawling platform
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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6 weeks ago by geetarista
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - WebTiles - Georgia
DCSS WebTiles Server in Georgia. Play DCSS online.
dcss  game  dungeon  rougelike  video  crawl  server 
8 weeks ago by eNonsense
yujiosaka/headless-chrome-crawler: Distributed crawler powered by Headless Chrome
headless-chrome-crawler - Distributed crawler powered by Headless Chrome
headless  chrome  crawl 
9 weeks ago by geetarista

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