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Why TDD Isn't Crap • Hillel Wayne
After my recent vitriol about unit testing, a couple of people sent me Why TDD is Crap as a thorough debunking of TDD and unit testing. As someone very interested in software correctness, I ended up writing a debunking of his debunking. Transcriptions will be in quotes, my responses below. Some important notes:
From what can tell, neither of us is using TDD in the “purest” possible sense of “write the bare minimum that makes the smallest unit test pass”.
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october 2017 by xer0x
Will Wiles: "Let's save some of the Whitechapel Fatberg"
In 1965, American sculptor Claes Oldenburg proposed an object of quite unforgettable brute simplicity for New York City. Oldenburg may be best known today for his cuddly "soft sculptures" and monumental pop-art reproductions of everyday objects, but this was neither cuddly nor pop.
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september 2017 by therourke

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