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Mac Pro: Fooled You! – Monday Note
One final thought: Craig Federighi, Apple’s Sr VP of Software, is a terrific presenter. Cheerful, nimble, humorous, and immensely competent, it’s a delight to be led through a presentation by someone who is so clearly proud of his work.
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12 days ago by bekishore
On Free Speech
freedom of speech is not just a law in some countries. It’s also a social principle. And the underlying goal of the social principle is the same as the underlying goal of the law: to foster an environment where the ideas that win are ideas that are good, rather than just ideas that happen to be favored by people in a position of power. And governmental power is not the only kind of power that we need to protect from; there is also a corporation’s power to fire someone, an internet forum moderator’s power to delete almost every post in a discussion thread, and many other kinds of power hard and soft.

I support safe spaces because I support freedom of association. Safe spaces, if designed in a principled way, are just an application of that freedom… But not everyone imagines “safe spaces” like that. Some use the concept of “safe spaces” as a sword, wielded to annex public spaces and demand that people within those spaces conform to their private norms. That’s not freedom of association

Every conference “censors” almost every viewpoint because there’s not enough space to give them all a chance to speak, and this is inherent to the format; so raising an objection to a conference’s judgement in making its selections is absolutely a legitimate act.

Many #DelistBSV participants like Kraken are definitely not “anything-goes” platforms; they already make many editorial decisions about which currencies they accept and refuse. Kraken only accepts about a dozen currencies, so they are passively “censoring” almost everyone. Shapeshift supports more currencies but it does not support SPANK, or even KNC. So in these two cases, delisting BSV is more like reallocation of a scarce resource (attention/legitimacy) than it is censorship. Binance is a bit different; it does accept a very large array of cryptocurrencies, adopting a philosophy much closer to anything-goes, and it does have a unique position as market leader with a lot of liquidity.

in “anarchic” environments with large disagreements on what the norms are, “an eye for an eye” in-kind retaliation is one of the better social norms to have because it ensures that people only face punishments that they in some sense have through their own actions demonstrated they believe are legitimate

So to conclude: censorship in public spaces bad, even if the public spaces are non-governmental; censorship in genuinely private spaces (especially spaces that are not “defaults” for a broader community) can be okay; ostracizing projects with the goal and effect of denying access to them, bad; ostracizing projects with the goal and effect of denying them scarce legitimacy can be okay.
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6 weeks ago by dandv

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