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Auth events: It will record when a user logs in or logs out.
craftcms  plugin 
4 days ago by dalton
In a recent project, I had to create combined searches and filters with Craft CMS. The basic gist of it consists in using Twig to build modular objects that can then be consumed by Craft in the form of query parameters.
craftcms  tutorial  search  filter 
6 days ago by matthillco
GitHub - nystudio107/craft-webperf: Webperf helps you build & maintain high quality websites through Real User Measurement of your website's performance
Webperf uses Real User Measurement (RUM) captured anonymously from actual visitors to your website to profile its performance. In this way, Webperf passively gathers and monitors how your website performs on real-world devices used by real-world users.

Webperf also gathers Craft specific information such as database queries, Twig rendering time, memory used, and overall TTFB (Time To First Byte) performance timings. Webperf will also record any front JavaScript errors as well as Craft CMS errors in one place for ease of discovery.

Webperf then presents this performance information in concise graphs that give you insight into how your website performs. Webperf even provides you with bullet-pointed recommendations on how you can fix any performance problems that are found. And performance affects conversions as well as user experience.
performance  webdev  craftcms 
7 days ago by rmohns
Setting up HTTPS in Cloudflare and Amazon S3 for your Craft CMS site | Viget
There's a misconception that adding HTTPS to your site and serving Amazon S3 files from the same domain is difficult. To be honest, before I dove into this more, I thought it was too. In reality, there's only a few moving parts and even fewer gotchas. You don't have to pay Amazon $600/month for a custom URL. You don't even need an SSL certificate installed on your server anymore. And it's free.

So how does all this work? In this 8ish minute screencast below I'll walk through:

Signing into Amazon Web Services for the first time
Setting your nameservers and configuring Cloudflare
Configuring uploads within CraftCMS
Creating a page rule within Cloudflare to enable HTTPS
Updating those long Amazon S3 uploads paths http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.... to a clean, secure,
cloudflare  CraftCMS 
9 days ago by 1luke2
The modern web developer: Gatsby JS, Headless Craft CMS, and Netlify | Bluegg
Headless Content Management Systems (CMS), Netlify, and Gatsby JS are some of the most talked about technologies in web development right now. Matt explains ho…
craftcms  headless 
25 days ago by matthillco

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