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5 Ways Powerful People Trick You Into Hating Protesters
5. Wait For One Of Them To Break The Law, Then Talk Only About That
4. Convince The Powerful Majority That They're The Oppressed Ones
3. Focus On Their Most Frivolous Complaints (And Most Unlikable Members)
2. Pit Two Disadvantaged Groups Against One Another (And Insist That Only One Can "Win")
1. Insist That Any Change Will Ruin The World  list  reference  protest  strategy  argument  belief  lie  government  conservative  fascism  power  occupywallstreet  david_wong  2015  2010s  criminal  crime  destruction  martin_luther_king_jr  excuse  bullshit  boycott  logic  injustice  change 
february 2017 by cluebucket - America's Only Humor Site |
A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor.  news  humor  fun  comedy  blog  magazine  satire  humour  funny  entertainment 
january 2016 by logicannullata
5 Realities Of The Rehab Camp My Parents Paid To Kidnap Me |
You can add to the ever-growing list of shit Cracked can't believe is real but apparently is the "troubled teen rehabilitation industry." For a fee, a parent can have their own child kidnapped by strangers in the dead of night, hauled off to a remote location, and subjected to harsh conditions in the wilderness until he's cured of their bad behavior. It's legal, unregulated, and there's no evidence that it actually works at all.

A while back we talked to a woman who got hauled away to one of these programs when she was 16. So when we recently heard from a man named Dylon Peven who managed to escape from one of these places -- by trekking through the goddamned desert, on foot -- we had to hear his story 
april 2015 by kuiskata
6 Weird Ways the World Looks Different When You're Asexual |
For the majority of people, sex is the most compelling thing in the world, for obvious "perpetuation of the species" reasons. Sex sells. Sex rules. Sex draws the eyes to this paragraph like a tractor beam, because the word "sex" is in it like a million times. But there are people out there with no interest in sex at all. They aren't sick, or drugged, or suffering from any sort of disorder; they're asexual. Cracked sat down with two of these people to learn a little bit more about what life is like when your anaconda don't want none, period.
november 2014 by kuiskata
6 Unshakable Beliefs You Develop Growing Up a Redneck |
If you lived anywhere below Maryland and east of New Mexico in the year 2003, you could luckily count on redneck comedians to be your cultural spokesmen. In that time frame, they outnumbered cockroaches 4-to-1. But, as intricate and widespread as their messages of deer hunting, comical incest and dilapidated trucks were, they left out a few ways that growing up in the rural South changes your mindset.

Surprisingly, I ended up being adequately literate, and I am almost completely unattracted to my second and third cousins, but there were a few bizarre ideas that I held for a long time that "redneck culture" equipped me with. For instance ...
class  classism  class.values  bourdieu.example 
november 2014 by verstehen
5 Things I Learned as the Internet's Most Hated Person |
Editor's Note: A few weeks ago our message board and general inbox were bombarded with demands we address something called the "GamerGate Scandal", posts written with the urgency and rage one would associate with, say, discovering that Chipotle burritos are made entirely from the meat of human babies. It's apparently a big deal in some circles, so we followed the links and read the piles of data presented, and had to stop and take a deep breath just to grasp it all. "Gentlemen," we said amid the stunned silence, "do you realize that if what they're saying is true, then this is still the most pointless fucking bullshit anyone has ever forced us to read?"

The "scandal" turned out to be an excuse for an Internet harassment campaign against a random indie game developer who, like many such targets, was a female and a feminist.  gaming  game.developers  misogyny  sexism 
september 2014 by verstehen

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