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Wow. Thank you community, the team from PAB/ITB is returning home inspired, with a trove of new…
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26 days ago by mgifford
Code Splitting · Create React App
<p>Instead of downloading the entire app before users can use it, code splitting allows you to split your code into small chunks which you can then load on demand.</p>
CRA  JavaScript  React  code-splitting  programming  webdev  tuto 
10 weeks ago by MarsLevin
Next.js (SSR) vs. Create React App (CSR) – codeburst
Exploring the performance differences between server-side-rendering (SSR) and client-side-rendering (CSR) through simple examples. We used the popular Next.js library for the SSR solution and the…
Nextjs  React  JavaScript  SSR  CSR  CRA  programming  webdev 
10 weeks ago by MarsLevin

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