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Instruction Set Architecture - RISC-V Foundation CPU
Instruction Set Architecture specification for the extemsible CPU design by the RISC-V Foundation. RISC-V is an open-source modular Berkely somewhat-MIPS-ish design, 32 integer registers, R0 always 0, no condition codes, very regular instruction decode; 32-bit word, 16-bit instruction field (2 instr/32-bit word); howevet, no branch delay slot and immediate loads ate always sign-extended. Options for compressed instruction format (16 bits, accessing 8 regs), embedded (16 regs), atomic instructions, 64-bit word, single/double float, vector instructions, crypto and trusted extensions, etc. Robert Baruch is developing a multi-board design. He started with 1x 4-layer board for each of 32x 32-bit registers, with 6x 74-series CMOS 16-bit registers per board: 2x drive ALU_in_A, 2x ALU_in_B, 2x per-bit LED display (>1000 LEDs!) which was much cheaper than 2x registers and 2x pairs of tristate output buffers. Also a pair of PCIe connectors for a 192-bit backplane, including grounds.
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7 weeks ago by stu-rem
Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X
"a little application for Mac computers... to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature" - Rugarciap.com
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11 weeks ago by Mykl
Apple’s 2018 Launches: Will 8th Gen CPUs, AirPower Save It?
It has been getting harder to remain optimistic about Apple’s products. Over the past year, design issues with the MacBook’s new butterfly key mechanisms have been acknowledged along with an admission that the company has been throttling iPhone performance on older models. Exclusive and exorbitant, a tide of media dissatisfaction has swept the Apple world,...

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Apple’s  2018  Launches:  Will  8th  Gen  CPUs  AirPower  Save  It? 
july 2018 by vrzone
Why the MateBook X Pro Beats the MacBook Pro (by a Lot)
RT : When people say that ’s problem, is that isn’t delivering on
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