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Macbook slow after upgrading to macOS Sierra - Nick Ang
“Internet Accounts is the central place to link up Gmail and other sorts of services to your Macbook – something useful but non-essential. To prevent the soagent and callservicesd from continuing to hog your RAM:

“1. Open System Preferences
“2. Go to Internet Accounts -> remove all Google-related email accounts
“3. Restart your laptop
“4. Verify that your laptop is running at normal speed again (no longer slow)
“5. Re-add your Google email account (I re-added and the problem didn’t reappear)
“6. It may be a bug in the new macOS, I’m not sure. But I’m glad it solved the problem. Hope it does the same for you if you’re in a similar situation!”
mac  osx  macos  2017  soagent  cpu 
4 days ago by handcoding
TLBleed - VUSec
Hyper-threading でサイドチャネル攻撃か。
cpu  vulnerability  security 
5 days ago by summerwind
What roles do the GPU and CPU play in 3D rendering? - Quora
There are two main types of rendering: rasterisation or raytracing. In a nutshell, rasterisation is the process of transforming and projecting a 3D triangle onto the 2D screen, working out which pixels it covers, and then setting them all to the appropriate colour.
Archive  3d  animation  cpu  gpu 
8 days ago by leninworld
Kubernetes Resource Usage: How Do You Manage and Monitor It? - DZone Cloud
When running containers at a large scale, it is important to establish, manage, and monitor the resource usage that each of the containers receives. Here's how.
kubernetes  monitor  resource  cpu 
11 days ago by fakebanana
WindowServer memory leak on High Sierra? : hackintosh
(Hmm—that’s not so good.)
“In short, if on any monitor (internal or external) you have scaling enabled (like external monitor have higher/lower resolution and you connected it in ‘clone mode’, or you use non default resolution on internal), WindowServer will bleed and gobble memory (any model of osx machine).”
windowserver  mac  macos  cpu  osx  2017  reddit 
12 days ago by handcoding
Thunderbird: From mbox to maildir | Wilders Security Forums
“The advantages/disadvantages of both formats are discussed here http://www.linuxmail.info/mbox-maildir-mail-storage-formats/ and in this thread https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r30730482-Thunderbird-TB-mbox-files-per-folders-vs-maildir-files-per-message (obviously started by Wilders member @WildByDesign ). In my opinion, the most important advantages of maildir over mbox are the following:

“1. The maildir format is much more robust. The risk of losing data is much smaller if Thunderbird or your computer crashes.
“2. Incremental backups are much faster as only the new and modified files have to be backupped.
“3. Scanning your mails with an AV scanner is easier, and infected mails can be removed without the risk of data loss.”
thunderbird  maildir  mbox  email  cpu  2016 
12 days ago by handcoding
China Finds Zen: Begins Production Of x86 Processors Based On AMD's IP
Chinese-designed "Dhyana" x86 processors based on AMD's Zen microarchitecture are beginning to surface from Chinese chip producer Hygon. The processors come as the fruit of AMD's x86 IP licensing agreements with its China-based partners and break the decades-long stranglehold on x86 held by the triumvirate of Intel, AMD and VIA Technologies. Details are also emerging that outline how AMD has managed to stay within the boundaries of the x86 licensing agreements but still allow Chinese-controlled interests to design and sell processors based on the Zen design.
amd  cpu  business 
13 days ago by jasonsamuels

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