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cloudbees/groovy-cps: Groovy execution in the continuation passing style
The insanity that is how you're supposed to write groovy in jenkins
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18 days ago by thcipriani
Application-level Stackless features — PyPy documentation
PyPy can expose to its user language features similar to the ones present in Stackless Python: the ability to write code in a massively concurrent style. (It does not (any more) offer the ability to run with no recursion depth limit, but the same effect can be achieved indirectly.)

This feature is based on a custom primitive called a continulet. Continulets can be directly used by application code, or it is possible to write (entirely at app-level) more user-friendly interfaces.

Currently PyPy implements greenlets on top of continulets. It also implements (an approximation of) tasklets and channels, emulating the model of Stackless Python.

Continulets are extremely light-weight, which means that PyPy should be able to handle programs containing large amounts of them. However, due to an implementation restriction, a PyPy compiled with --gcrootfinder=shadowstack consumes at least one page of physical memory (4KB) per live continulet, and half a megabyte of virtual memory on 32-bit or a complete megabyte on 64-bit. Moreover, the feature is only available (so far) on x86 and x86-64 CPUs; for other CPUs you need to add a short page of custom assembler to rpython/translator/c/src/stacklet/.

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march 2019 by snearch

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