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Catching a killer | thevillagesdailysun.com
Innovations in the country’s largest retirement community, in Florida, are defying the odds with a stunning cardiac save rate that is four times greater than the national average. Emergency medicine pioneer Leonard Cobb is quoted and Harborview is named.
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Medical students teach high schoolers to do CPR | Reuters
Medical students in Boston are teaching high school students about CPR, and the students say they feel better prepared to help in cases of cardiac arrest.
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RT : What if you could practice in your living room? Augmented reality is making that possible.…
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december 2018 by schraeds
School shootings drive push to train students to treat wounds | KOMO
Would you know how to help someone who'd been shot? High school students in Washington could soon be required to learn how to stop severe bleeding, like what they might witness in a mass shooting. The program is called Stop the Bleed. Mark Taylor, trauma program director at Harborview Medical Center, is quoted.
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november 2018 by UWMedicine
- great opportunity to promote and in the workplace?
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october 2018 by jhfrudd
Music Can Save Lives: A Playlist for Perfect CPR Chest Compressions
New York Presbyterian Hospital maintains a Spotify playlist of “Songs to do CPR to” that hit that 100-120 bpm sweet spot.
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october 2018 by motdiem
RT : Looks like our latest learner is 👀👏guided by our volunteers of course…
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august 2018 by jennifermjones
Saved by CPR – Local man owes his life to quick-acting strangers | Health & Wellness | laconiadailysun.com
When it comes to saving someone from a heart attack, it’s not enough to rely on paramedics and emergency room staff. Civilian bystanders must be prepared to aid the victim during the crucial minutes it takes before emergency responders arrive.
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august 2018 by eversourcenh
RT : Intriguing findings from Sutton et al and the network. 244 in-hospital pediatric events analyzed using…
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