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home tour with Alex Galchenyuk
highlights: he doesn't know why every house in Arizona has a fireplace because it's hot as hell; BizNasty clowning that he's not famous and Galchenyuk being all "what are you talking about, you have more Instagram followers than me"; Biz messing with the punching bag and saying he's more of a lover these days; the abrupt Actual Hockey Questions to throw him off during the hoop-shooting showdown
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5 weeks ago by jedusor
We'll end with a hard-hitting @Cfish61 interview with @Cous27:
Christian Fischer infiltrated the media scrum to demand to know why Nick Cousins always skates away from his teammates when he scores <3
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11 weeks ago by jedusor
Ok here's an idea. Get a man in a white coat to sidle up to him and inject him with elephant tranquilizers
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january 2019 by kexrex
Observations of Coyote Predation on Cats - Lost Pet Research & Recovery
Suburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote in Urban Massachusetts
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august 2018 by markdionne
A Q&A with former Coyotes coach Dave Tippett on his new gig in Seattle
"You get tired of trying to fix it." SOB

"There’s not many people who get the chance to build from the foundation up. They were looking for a hockey opinion, not just about the hockey itself but building a culture of hockey and building the infrastructure, building a new arena, building a practice facility. That’s all intriguing."

"I told them that the GM position is probably not something I’d be interested in"

Does the coaching fire still burn in your belly?
"I would lie to you if I said I wasn’t watching the playoffs and thinking about it."
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july 2018 by jedusor

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